Why You Should Drop Your New Years Resolutions

YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH, just as you are.

I wanted to start 2016 making sure that you understood that. I honor you in this crazy prosperity path that you have chosen so please understand this. 

If your inbox looks anything like mine the past couple of months, it’s bombarded with GOALS everything.

A bunch of New Years Resolutions this and This Is Your Year that.

If you’ve been feeling a little on the stuck side lately, DROP your New Years Resolutions.

I know, sounds utterly insane coming from the girl who promises on her site to, “Leap you forward on the pursuit of your goals and dreams”  but bear with me for a second.

My beef isn’t with New Years Resolutions themselves but with our obsession with them.  Our obsession with thinking that we need to be doing more, faster, higher, and stronger all the time.

Hey maybe that’ll work for you if you don’t feel stuck in life and are already seeing results and you just want to improve on them.

BUT if you’re feeling stuck in a funk and the walls seem to be closing in on you and you’ve tried everything and nothing is working, then:

You don’t need a  New Years Resolution, you need a New Years Un-resolution.

Because it’s time to step back and take a deep look and do some cleaning.

What the heck is a New Years Un-resolution? I’ll get to that.

We tend to think that the solutions to all of our problems are always outside of us.

That in order to experience that prosperity that we desire something beyond us has to trigger it.

We think that we need XYZ to happen before we finally feel ABC.

And that does NOT work.

It doesn’t work because we keep relying on external things to finally feel a certain way internally.

See where I’m going with this?

Why would we go outside to change how we feel inside?

But you’re already more than enough. You already have everything you need. You’re already supported.

The only thing that is missing is your consent; your permission to allow things to flow in naturally.

Once we realize it, getting what we want will be a cinch.

Abundance and prosperity already surrounds you, and all you need to do is break down the walls you have built against them. 

So back to making New Years Un-resolutions.

Maybe just maybe, don’t need to resolve to do more, maybe just maybe you need to un-resolve to do less of what is weighing you down.

Here’s the thing:

To Move Forward You Have to Let Go.

You can’t advance if you so eagerly insist on clinging on. 

So what do you need to un-resolve? What do you need to shed to move forward easily and effortless towards manifesting what you really want out of life?

Do you need to un-resolve self-sabotage?

Do you need to un-resolve feelings of lack?

Do you need to un-resolve unworthiness?

Do you need to un-resolve procrastination?

Do you need to un-resolve hopelessness?

Do you need to un-resolve (insert low-vibe feeling here)?

What you need to let go of is up to you. Only you know what you’ve been holding on to for far too long.

If you have been feeling stuck in an area of your life, maybe for this year just focus on on what you need to be un un-doing.  Focus on shedding the old. Prepare for your rebirth. Set a strong foundation to work from.

Remember that you are already enough and that all you need will come flowing in once you tear down the walls and the barriers that are hindering you.

So tell me, what are you ready to let go of? 


  • Jackie

    Reply Reply January 19, 2016

    Memories that start happy and end sad. Letting go of missing someone long gone.

    • solballard

      Reply Reply January 19, 2016

      That’s a good one, Jackie. Letting go of what could be and accepting what is. Cheers to moving forward!

  • quetoqua

    Reply Reply January 19, 2016

    of burdens, laziness, and excuses that have been keeping me from reaching my goals.
    of unrealistic dreams.
    of the blurry vision that hides from me what’s really important and what my priorities are at the moment.

    • solballard

      Reply Reply January 20, 2016

      Release it all by choosing to placing your focuses on what makes you grow rather than what weighs you down. You will see how naturally and effortlessly things will start flowing!

      Onwards and upwards!


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