This is how I live my life in LOVE

Crayon HeartI was inspired to write about Valentine’s Day even though I am not a big fan of it.  I LOVE the spirit of LOVE and I think it should be celebrated every day in every aspect of our lives. I think it is great to have a designated day to celebrate love, but I find it crucial to recognize LOVE on a moment-to-moment basis. LOVE extends past relationships and seeps into every aspect of life if you allow it to.

With the help of a spiritual practice, I have been feeling so in love with life! With just living, and I think it is infectious.  I have been so overwhelmed with happiness and I want to extend the feeling to others.

As I mentioned before, we must allow love to seep into our lives. Love is already present in every moment and it is our responsibility to recognize it and allow it to take over.  When you let love come through in everything you do, you begin to experience magical shifts in your life.

Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world. If you are experiencing a difficult life full of friction- I have a great remedy for you. Start by bringing love into your life where things are not going so well. I encourage you to ask yourself this question, “How can I bring love into this?” By asking yourself this question you are tapping into your higher self and requesting the Love that is already present to take over.  Your higher self is very wise and will know how to make the situation work. You must be still and quiet to listen to the answer that will be provided and you must act on that reply.

LOVE may ask for your patience, your empathy, or your kind words. The reply from love can also ask you to forgive, to move on, or your sweet smile. Whatever LOVE asks for you must do because  it will only request the highest form of action from you. You may resist it’s response at first but if you keep ultimate happiness in mind you may be motivated to move forward. The more you practice acting on LOVE’s reply and trusting it, the more LOVE will be able to flow through you in the future. Eventually you will not have to ask the question, the answer will just come.

And since I love analogies, I wanted to give you one that works for me. Think of your higher self as tool belt that is always with you. This tool belt has all the necessary tools for you to live a life beyond your wildest dreams. In order to live this life, we must use the tools we have been given. Love is one of the most powerful tools that we can use in any situation.

Bring LOVE into all that you do. When we are experiencing a negative situation and we decide to complain and resist it we are bringing in a lower energy vibration into our space. When we ask LOVE to take over we immediately begin to elevate a higher energy vibration since the energy of LOVE is very high. Our world then begins to mirror the LOVE within and new opportunities begin to appear and doors begin to open. This is when the magic begins. You will then find that you only want to operate under a state of LOVE.

Some of us try to create a masterpiece without any tools. We make things harder on ourselves when we can easily reach out to our tool belt and use the tools that were designed to help us be happy.

Our higher self wants us to be happy. Love wants to work with us not against us. But it cannot work with us if we do not ask and are willing to give LOVE a chance. When asking for LOVE to take over in our sticky situations we must ask with sincerity and an open heart. LOVE will work for those who believe in its power and disregard those who don’t.

I have been able to switch from an unfulfilled life to a happy life full of LOVE and excitement with this one question.  I am so crazy in love with life because I believe in the power of LOVE and have allowed it to flow through me. No amount of alcohol or drugs can ever amount to the spiritual high of LOVE. Once you are in this state you will always want to live in it forever and will seek it everywhere you go.

So today I challenge you to live your life in LOVE. Are you willing to ask the question, “How can I bring LOVE into this?” and use your most powerful tool? Are you ready to let go of all that is holding you in a negative state and align yourself with LOVE? Can you consent to bringing LOVE into every moment of your life?

I encourage you to write a comment below letting me know how you will begin implementing LOVE in your life.

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Lots of  love,

Sol Ballard

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