The Healing Process- Forgiveness Part One

There has been a lot of talk about Forgiveness lately.  My favorite bloggers and speakers seem to be talking about this subject now more than ever.  I must say that when I first heard this topic being discussed, I was quite confused.  Forgive who? For what? And most importantly, why?

It has now become clear to me that holding on to extra baggage can weigh me down and Forgiveness is a process of letting go.  Letting go and removing all the haunting thoughts and feelings that are negatively impacting our mind.  Forgiveness purges feelings of abandonment, self-limiting beliefs, our victim roles, etc…  Letting go of past trauma and frightening stories and freeing up our mind so that we are able to breath again.  Forgiveness is finally ditching the baggage.

Some of us have been carrying around garbage for what seems like forever- it has been around for so long that we now see it as a part of who we are and we allow it to define us.  This baggage has been dragged all through our lives because somehow we have found a place for it everywhere we go.  We continue to drag this bag full of garbage not realizing that it has slowed us down and it has soiled every aspect of our lives.

Today we make a choice.  We will no longer drag a bag of garbage around and taint every corner of our lives.  Today we will Forgive.  For some of us this will not be an easy process since the garbage seems to be so deeply attached to us that removing it will be amputating a big part of “who we are”.  We may feel like we will lose our identity if we are not the person who was abandoned by their father, or the person who was backstabbed by their friend, or the person who has not accomplished much in life, and so on.  For others, Forgiveness will be difficult because letting go of negative past experiences would be condoning what has happened to us.  We may not realize that by dragging it around it is us who is paying the price for the negative situation not our coward father, backstabbing friend, or unfair boss.  The price that we are paying is high because this bag of garbage is weakening our spirit and penetrating our soul and with every passing moment, lowering our quality of life.

But when we Forgive we set our mind free.  We leave the garbage in the past where it happened and we move forward to our new beginning.  Forgiveness allows us to renew our lives and rewrite a more beautiful story.  It fades away the feelings of anger and sadness to make room for healthier emotions such as peace and joy. Forgiving is giving our lives a second chance to be healthy and happy.

So give yourself that second chance to start new and consent to a clean mental state.  Begin the healing process from the garbage amputation and leave what is no longer serving you behind.  You deserve to finally be at peace and experience happiness.  You deserve to end the war in your mind and finally find inner bliss.

The Healing Process is to be continued…

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  • Jeff

    Reply Reply December 11, 2012

    Nice post, I look forward to Part 2.

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