Remove Emotions Keeping You Stuck!

remove stuck emotions

I was STUNNED when I first found this out…

I was stunned when I first found this out.

Negative emotions like anxiety and depression can get *physically* stuck in the body.

It’s crazy to think that we’re carrying these emotions around— since birth!

Years and years of drama just weighing us down.

Stuck emotions in the body means feeling stuck in life.

It means repeating the same patterns and ending up at the same place over and over again.

Thinking positive just doesn’t cut it so I’ve spent sometime looking for something that does.

And luckily I ended up being guided to just what I needed.

This video showcases techniques that can INSTANTLY start flushing these emotional blockages and help you start feeling better in literally 1 minute.

ONE. MINUTE. >>>> That’s all it takes to start making leaps and feel FREE.

I’ve been doing these very same techniques for months and the results have been out of this world that I felt like it was my social responsibility to share it with you.

I’ve been beyond blessed to have a such a talented + proficient Kundalini teacher such as Paramdayal Kaur + Kundalini Yoga El Pasoguide me through this process.

I’m grateful for everyone involved who helped make this beautiful video possible like Kat who owns a cute little studio named Hot Box Yoga located in my hometown of El Paso, Texas and other beautiful souls.

As always my heart hopes this video serves you. 


I encourage you to try these exercises and let me in the comments know how you feel after.

Love you,

Sol Ballard

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