What color do I choose to use?

If you are anything like me you want to live a wonderful and happy life full of rich moments.  You want laughter, love, and bliss.  Living this lifestyle is all the matter of choice.  The choices that you make in every breathing moment are paving the path for the quality of life you will experience.

We are making choices almost every second of the day.  We can choose to continue reading this blog or find something else to do, we may choose to sit up or lay down, we can choose to speak or not to speak, but most importantly, we choose our thoughts.  This is perhaps the most powerful choice we make everyday.  Our thoughts influence our words, which in turn guide our actions.  Our actions (or inactions) then determine our life experiences.

If our thoughts are negative, fortunately, we can train ourselves to think differently by making different choices that what we have made in the past.  By becoming a witness of your thoughts we can highlight any areas of deficiency and make a change.

To put things more into perspective picture your emotions as a box of crayons.  Each crayon represents a feeling.  Then imagine a coloring book next to the box.  Every picture in the coloring book represents a circumstance in your life.  In reality, the pictures don’t really mean anything themselves, but through your eyes, the picture can take on different interpretations.  When you look at the picture (circumstance) you must decide which colors (emotions) to use.  This is solely YOUR choice on YOUR book.  You can choose lively happy colors and make your book cheerful, or you can choose dark colors and make your book twisted and frightening.  You can decide to be offended by the pictures or you can decide to be inspired by them.  You can choose to draw your own pictures if you don’t like what the book has provided or you can choose to not to color at all.  Either way the choice is yours.

One of my all time favorite quotes is by Shakespeare, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”  How do you want to label the situations in your life?  What colors (emotions) do you want to use?  What kind of pictures would you like to see?  What pictures would you like to draw?

As I wrote this I instantly remembered the optical illusion picture of the old lady on the young lady.  It took me ages to see the old lady.  Clearly they are both there, but what are our eyes choosing to see? If you see the old lady is that necessarily a bad thing?  Only if you think it is.  No matter how we decide to perceive a circumstance, how we feel about it still matters.  You can see a great thing happen to someone, but somehow manage to still feel jealous.  See where I am going with this?

When you are confronted by a challenging situation take a step back and just witness how you react to the circumstances in your life.  Don’t judge yourself- just watch yourself form opinions and labels and see what emotions your choices have brought about.

Begin healing yourself from the past by coloring beautiful pictures in the present.  You will see how fast you can let go of negative emotions once you stop yourself in the middle of a downward spiral and ask yourself, what picture do I chose to see?  What color do I chose to use?

The above are analogies that I have used to help me get situations into perspective, what has worked for you?  Let me know in the comments below!

By Sol Ballard


  • Imani Muhammad

    Reply Reply December 14, 2012

    I love when you bluntly say, we can control our thoughts. That used to be something I never wanted to admit to myself and it both freed and burdened me when I finally accepted that truth. I will use the crayon analogy from now own. And just as in the bible and Qu’ran says, “Let us make man”, I do believe we, with the guidance of our higher power, create ourselves everyday. It works best when we are 1 with our higher power (in submission to the higher power). Absolutely an inspiring blog! Read it first thing this morning….I will MAKE A GREAT DAY today!

    • mindbodysol

      Reply Reply December 14, 2012

      Thank you so much for your comment and support. I completely agree and being able to create ourselves. I believe we all have a higher self and becoming that higher self is only a matter of really wanting to be that person. We can unlearn all of our current behaviors and live the life we always wanted. Thank again, Imani. Have a great day!

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