Love Wisdom

“I am able to see the beauty in you even if you made a mistake today.”

 – Marianne Williamson

I anticipated this week’s post to be about my New Year’s resolutions and my 2013 game plan.  I then realized that we have all been pressured and bombarded by resolutions and I wanted to redirect focus on a different important aspect of life.

Lately, light has been shined in the romantic corner of my life and I have really been thinking about what Love is and how to sustain it.  I remembered watching an inspirational video of an interview of Marianne Williamson and decided to revisit it. For those of you who don’t know who Marianne is, she is an author and international lecturer on spiritual, personal and political issues.

Every time I watch this video I am just dumbfounded by Marianne’s spiritual perspective on intimate relationships. It is amazing how spirituality can play a major role in every area of our lives- vastly improving it with the willingness to see things different.

Marianne shares that when we fall in love with the essence of a person we are in an altered state of consciousness.  We see the person as perfect- flaws and all.  We are happy when we experience this love high.  Then she mentions that the dominant social wisdom says that euphoria doesn’t last and ultimate reality sets in.  The feeling of being in love is just an infatuation and it wears off.  The dominant social wisdom states that falling in love is a projection and ultimately a delusion.

 Marianne then beautifully and eloquently describes her spiritual perspective so opposite of the dominant social wisdom.  I quote,

“The issue isn’t that you didn’t see the person really, the issue is that you saw them so really.  You saw them the way God sees them and that’s why you were happy.”

She believes, and I am paraphrasing here, that at this point in our development we do not have the personality structure to handle that much love.  The euphoria we feel when we are in love is our natural state and what we are experiencing is a spiritual high.

Our mind is trained with an unforgiving mind, she says.  We are trained to be judgmental.  With time, we begin to focus on everything that is wrong with a person and lose sight of the person’s essence we initially fell in love with.

I fell in love with Marianne’s “sacred dimension of romance.”  This is where a spiritual practice comes in.  With meditation and prayer we can keep our minds, heart, eyes, and ears open to sustain a loving relationship.  We can choose to focus on a person’s innocence rather then their faults.

I completely agree with Marianne when she mentions that when you spend enough time with someone you know their weaknesses and you somehow want to point them out as often as possible.  When one is nagged time and time again, we can’t hold on to Love.  We nag enough that our mind starts to find evidence on why that person is not good enough.

Think about it, we may be getting in the way of our own happiness.  We may be self-sabotaging the romantic aspect of our lives.  Love, as Marianne says, dwells in the mystical realms and we can become a field of Love.  The sanctuary of Love is that you are able to see another in their glory on their worst day.  We can make the commitment to develop a muscle for seeing the greatness in our significant other even if they have “failed” that day.

The interviewer highlights that we live in the least romantic times in history and I completely agree.  I also believe that we are living in an era with the most awakening of all time.  In this time more and more people are experiencing a spiritual awakening that can forever change their lives.  By retraining and replacing our thoughts with the help of meditation and prayer we can create a kingdom of happiness and grace.  We can explore a new version of our lives beyond our wildest dreams that we never thought existed.

This idea that Marianne presented doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships, it applies to all the people you love.  Are you able to see the beauty in those you love even if they made a mistake today?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think on Marianne’s idea.

by Sol Ballard

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  • Tawanna Lux

    Reply Reply January 10, 2013

    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for providing this information.

  • mind and success

    Reply Reply February 6, 2013

    Thank you for helping out, good info. “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” by Eleanor Roosevelt.

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