Let the Universe Negotiate for You!

SolB Lake21I am not sure about you but I love it when things go my way.  Life just seems a lot smoother when we get what we want.  When things don’t go our way we tend to get easily bummed out and wonder what went wrong.

If we didn’t get the job that we really wanted we begin to think we said something wrong during the interview or we simply are just not worthy of it.  If a deal didn’t close the way that we intended it to then it must be life handing us lemons.  This is the mentality most of us seem to have when things don’t work out the way we wanted to them to.  Some of us are more positive and may say something like, “It just wasn’t meant to be, “or “We will get them next time!”

This way of thinking may help get us by but we don’t just want to get by, we want to thrive, right?! Lately, I have been taking on the old practice of praying for the highest good.  See, we humans are not all knowing.  Only God/Universe/Divine/Purpose (or whichever name you use for your Source) is all knowing.  We don’t really know if a certain job or deal will really get us to where we need to be.  Only a higher power knows and we must rely on that.

At our physical level, we can only be guided by our internal gut instinct and pray that the outcome of our requests is for the highest good.  Have you ever been turned down for something you really really really wanted to later look back and think, “thank GOD that didn’t happen for me!”?  That was the Universe at work, my friend.

We are constantly being guided by the Universe and our internal instincts but we must pay close attention to know which direction to head in. Naturally, we will always root for a certain outcome but I would highly encourage praying for the highest good.

When we pray for the highest good we pray for the best for ALL parties involved not just ours.  We pray that the best possible situation arises out of the circumstances we are facing.  By praying for our situations we send positive energy to the transaction at hand and clear any negative forces that may have been surrounding the circumstance.

After we are done with the prayer we surrender the situation to the Universe and let it negotiate on our behalf. We cannot overwhelm ourselves with worry because we have to have strong faith that everything will work out the way that it should.  When you have such a great Source as the almighty Universe on your side, how could there be any worry on our mind?

There are so many great possible outcomes for our lives that we could not begin imagining even if we tried.  Thinking that one outcome is the only way to success, happiness, or joy, is ludicrous!  The Universe can put together a better destiny for us that we could ever imagine.  This can only happen with great intention and purpose that we will be led to by following our inner guide.

With that being said, sit back and let the Universe do what it does best, all worrying and manipulation aside.  You just might be in for a treat!

by Sol Ballard

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  • montiw

    Reply Reply February 1, 2013

    Great yet again sol. This has some great insight and you are simply amazing at what it is that you do.

    • Sol Ballard

      Reply Reply February 4, 2013

      Thank you, Monti. I really appreciate you reading!

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