How to Eliminate Anxiety

I was talking to my Chinese Medicine doctor the other day about Faith.  I was saying that I am learning to surrender the outcome of my life to the higher intelligence of Universe and as much as we may want to control every detail of our lives we must place our faith in our higher power.

He listened to me carefully and gently brought it to my attention that what I was talking about was not Faith, it was Trust.  He explained that Faith would be leaving our lives in the hands of God and hoping for the best, but Trust is putting our complete confidence in the Divine.  It is about knowing that God will come through, not hoping.

I was totally diggin this conversation because it helped me put everything into a better perspective.  I need to allow myself to really let go.  By that, I mean that I need to do my part in this world and let the Universe handle the rest.  Often times we get caught up in handling every tiny detail that we end up a being a nervous wreck.

Anxiety eats away at us as we worry about things that have not even happened yet.  We think that if we sit and replay what we don’t want to happen over and over in our mind, we are doing something about our situation.   We worry about how we are going to pay our bills, if we will find the love of our lives, if we will finally get that big break, or a promotion, and so on.

We feel the need to do something about everything in our lives.  We feel the need to have complete control over everything that happens to us.  We have little tolerance for the unknown.  All these things make for a low quality life: always anxious, controlling, and worried about what is going to happen next.

When we let go and we really place our Trust in the Universe we can begin to breath and feel alive again.  We realize we do not have to face our challenging situations alone and that the almighty Universe backs up our efforts.

When my Trust is low and my worry high, I think about all the times that the Universe has come though for me when it was most needed.  I realize that things happen that I may not understand at this time or at my level of perception, but I am willing to Trust that everything is manifesting for the highest good.

When you Trust you no longer sit anxiously, but you are able to relax and watch how beautifully your life begins to unfold.  As my doctor was saying, with Trust, you simply stop asking if the Universe will provide you with your desired outcome and you start asking how your desired outcome will come about.

Try living a whole day in Trust.  Just to try, see how it feels.  Act if you peeked into the future and have seen how wonderfully your life plays out in the end.  Total game changer, right?

In the comment space below, I would love to hear how you will begin to practice Trust in your life.  Thank you for sharing!

Lots of Love,

Sol Ballard

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