Happiness is Like Peeing in Your Pants

Let me put it to you like this:

Happiness is like peeing in your pants,

– Urban Dictionary Dot Com

It’s you feel the warmth to the fullest extent. Want to know the virtues of the happiest people?  Of course you do!

Happy people feel that happiness is the truth.  Okay, yes, I borrowed part of  that line from Pharrell’s Happy song.  It made me think of a teaching from A Course in Miracles– Only Love is Real.  So since Only Love is Real and happiness is the truth why do we have to get all caught up in a soap opera life full of drama, hate, and deceit?  All of the negative stuff is just an illusion.  Keep it real and remember the truth.

(Play this video while you read.  Its more fun that way.)

They turn their frowns upside down.  Studies have shown that facial expressions influence our emotions.  People with a restricted ability to frown, e.g. those with Botox injections, tend to be happier since they are not able to reinforce negative feelings with an upside down smile.  My advice is to not get Botox but take this tip and turn it up a notch and laugh as much as possible.  Change your expressions and your mind will follow.


They get cray.  The perfect recipe for a dull, unhappy, sad, little life is to get stuck in a rut.  Get a little cray (UD definition of cray- no one knows what it means but its provocative.  It gets people going) and do something out of the ordinary on the regular.  I am a big believer that drama arises from boredom because it is a sure way to stir things up.  My advice?  Stir things up by facing a fear, learning something new, doing a little dance, getting your adrenaline going, or even doing something out of character.

Great example- Me trying to keep it together while zip lining in Barbados. This video has been edited to make me look less of a wuss.

They check themselves before they wreck themselves.  Happy individuals keep themselves on check.  They tune in on an hourly or daily basis to make sure things are kosher.  They assure their current thoughts serving them, they nurture their mind with positive surroundings, and they honor their self and their body- see a great example here.  My advice?  Use this method as a preventative measure.  Do not wait until your water has boiled; use cooling methods to stay out of hot water.  You can be come a lot happier by not sweating the small stuff.

Follow these virtues and you will be well equipped for a happy life.  There are so many other things you can do these are just a few. Embodying happiness is way more simpler than its made out to be!


Sol Ballard


by sol ballard

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