Get out of that FUNK!

7tips to get out of a funk   

Hello friends, are you ready to get out of that funk? This upcoming week on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter I was excited to share my 7 fun and easy tips to feeling happy and refreshed with you. My hope is to inspire you to take control of your emotional state so that you can design that life of your dreams. Let the ‪#‎getoutofthefunk‬ week begin!  


Change your routine   

  1. Tip number one for a killer mood is to change your routine. When we get stuck in a rut our brain is yearning for change and to ‪#‎getoutafunk‬ you must fulfill your mind’s desires! So take a different route to work, wear something you otherwise wouldn’t, do something out of character- whatever it is change things up!   Sign to your heart's content

2. This #getoutofafunk tip always works like a charm: sing to your heart’s content. Seriously sing songs that get you pumped up and happy. You can even make a “mixed tape” of all the songs that are guaranteed to make you happy so that you can have it ready to go when you see yourself losing the happiness battle. I personally like to find old school songs that bring me back to happy time of my life. So grab a hairbrush and have fun singing your heart out.


Go on an adventure.   

3. ‪#‎Getoutofafunk‬ tip #3 is to go on an adventure! This one is my all-time favorite. Sometimes all you need to snap you out of that crazy little mood swing is to get out and do something adventurous and fun. The Urban Dictionary definition of adventure is: A mission with a positive outcome and some cool shit along the way. I like the sound of that! Here are some fun ideas: star gazing camp out, mini road trip, visiting places in town you never thought your would, hiking a new trail. Bring your craziest friends along and just see what happens. 110% guaranteed to get your happiness juices flowing again.


Uplift someone else.   

4. This ‪#‎getoutofafunk‬ tip is very dear and near to my heart. You will find you regain your power when you are able to uplift someone else in the midst of your own funk. Uplifting others is very rewarding, so today, compliment the next stranger that passes by, give encouraging words to a less fortunate person, say a silent prayer for a person in need, or praise your co-workers project.

Count your blessings.   

5. Counting your blessings first thing in the a.m. and last thing before heading to bed is a great way to ‪#‎getoutofafunk‬quickly. Reminding yourself how blessed you are when things get sticky helps out things into a brighter perspective. So what are you waiting for? Start counting!

Turn your problem into an empowering one.

6. Chances are that if you are in a funk you are probably facing a challenge or issue of some sort. Well it’s time for a change in perspective. Picture your problem clear in your mind, then think of the different ways that you can be empowered by the situation instead of falling victim of it. Take back your power by giving your issue the happy ending it deserves. Yes, you are a thriver not just a survivor

. Give Thanks. Be Grateful.   

7. Tip seven of the ‪#‎getoutofafunk‬ series, friends! No better way to conclude it, but by adding some gratitude to the mix. Being thankful every single day and at every single moment has the power to change your life. Being thankful for even the worst of situations will spring you back up to happiness. The best prayer I have ever said in my life, was thank you, and as the quote says, that was enough.



This collage is for you to download and save as your desktop background so that you can remember how you can stay happy even through the craziest times. I hope you enjoyed this series! Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite ways of getting out of a funk! 

Tons of love,


by sol ballard

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