You are here, deal with it.

You are here deal with it.

I am serious.

Contrary to popular belief, your mind is not a remote control where you get to change channels at the first sign of seeing something you don’t like or you can immediately fast forward to an imagined better future or rewind to that childhood memory that you use as a crutch to keep you small.

Remember that movie Click with Adam Sandler?  Well that is sorta what I am talking about.

Maybe I have been reading too much of Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now that I am manifesting signs everywhere using the power of my mind but I am really starting to get the whole live in the moment thing.

Does that sound cliché?  Perhaps, but who cares.


You are here. Deal with it. :)

I found this great piece of wisdom on the wall of a cute boutique hotel  and it reminded me of that book:

Where Ever You Go Then There You Are

which I have never actually read but have been meaning to.

 ****Adding to my To Read list now.

Point of the story being, that no matter how hard life gets or whatever you are going through that is what is happening at that particular moment.  That is where you are. No matter how badly you want to escape- you are still there.

The way I see it is that you have three choices:

  1. You can choose to resist the moment and cause more pain and friction in your life
  2. You can numb the moment by reminiscing about the past or fantasying about the future and not honor the present with your presence
  3. Live that moment to the fullest and give it the best you got an in return living happily ever after.
C’mon the answer is so obvious.

Every moment is preparing you for the next.  Which can only mean that if you live this moment to the best of your ability by bringing your full awareness and presence to it you can build a better future NOW instead of trying to magically construct one in the realms of your mind where unicorns and rainbows also reside.

Yes, that is just plain crazy and should land you a one-way ticket straight to the loony bin.

So for those of you who write to me telling me you suffer from loads of stress and anxiety this is your tonic:

 Bring your full presence to the moment you are currently in.  Fully be alive in it.  Experience it.  Awaken.  Notice the colors around you, any smells, noises you are hearing and 86 the judgment.  Realize that in this exact very moment you are okay. 
Repeat this moment after moment.

I can already hear the Negative Nancy in you saying, “That is it?  That is the remedy?  That won’t work for me.  I’m really not happy with the present moment.”

My reply is- if it works for me, it will work for almost anyone and I will tell you why.

Well Eckhart will tell you why since he describes it more beautifully than I do in this quote:

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.  Always work with it, not against it.  Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy.  This will miraculously change your life.”

And this quote:

“Should a situation arise that you need to deal with now, your action will be clear and incisive if it arises out of present-moment awareness.  It is also more likely to be effective.  It will not be a reaction coming from the past conditioning of your mind but an intuitive response to the situation.”

See stress and anxiety come from this dark hole where trippin’ about the future occurs.  I am here to remind you the future doesn’t exist, because when you get to this so-called future, it will then be the present…  So the present is whom you need to befriend.  You see what I am saying?

All you have is NOW.  All you will ever have is NOW.

So let go of all your horrid future predictions- because lets be real you are no fortune-teller.  Also, let go of the past- you don’t live there any more!

So what have we learned today?  We should look for inspiration on hotel walls.




By Sol Ballard

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