Change and Grow through Pop Quizzes

Marina Bay 30If you are reading this post it’s probably because you have some interest in improving your life in one way or another.  Congratulations, having the willingness to create change is a good stride in the right direction.  I am aware that the path of self-love/ improvement/ development/ actualization (whatever you want to call it) is a life long journey, and I believe in making the journey fun!

This is why I decided to see challenges or issues in my life as pop quizzes.  I can be a culprit of being a little bit of a self-help junky.  Most of my reading and entertainment involves self-help topics.  I love learning from the best teachers out there and sometimes putting what I learn into play.  Notice how I said “sometimes”?  The reason I say that is because, just like the next person, I can be guilty of learning valuable information and promising myself that I will apply it but as soon as something goes wrong in my life I freak out and all the valuable knowledge goes out the window.  Sound familiar?

I think that sometimes we let our emotions get too invested to certain situations and outcomes.  Separating ourselves from crazy moments is probably a healthier option. This is why I decided to look at undesired situations as a pop quiz of all the self-improvement info I have archived in my brain.  The pop quiz idea helps me apply the main principles of a healthy lifestyle and allows me to separate myself from crazy situations.  The pop quiz looks something like this:

Crazy situation:  You asked your friend for a ride to the airport and minutes before she/he has to pick you up she/he bails.  You are left without a ride and now you are running late and potentially missing your flight.

Of course you are angered by your friend’s actions but to condition your mind to live life in peace and happiness what do you do?

a.)  Freak out.  How could she/he do that to you?!

b.)  Forget about the whole thing but decide to never speak to him/her again.

c.)   Relax and take a deep breath.  Begin thinking about how you can solve the problem.  Ask yourself to  believe
that  you are running late for an unknown reason that may be beneficial to you.

It is obvious that the most favorable answer is C; it does not take a spiritual guru to figure that out.  The simple act of thinking of a situation as a pop quiz testing your valuable knowledge helps you separate yourself from the crazy situation; which helps avoid getting your emotions too caught up in the craziness.  Sometimes we tend to get defensive and we think that the world is out to get us when in fact it is the Universe testing our knowledge and giving us the opportunity to grow.  Whenever I encounter a challenging situation I literally think, “Pop quiz!” and I select the best option for approaching it.  It sounds silly, I know, but it is the silliness that helps me keep my cool.

I know that when you are in a middle of a meltdown the last thing you want to do is calm down, but I have found that if I tell myself that crazy moments are sent to me  for the opportunity to live my live in ultimate happiness,  then I am more likely to apply my wisdom immediately.

Happiness is in every moment- we just have to find it.  I believe we can condition our minds to finding this happiness subconsciously but it is going to require work at the beginning. This is what I have found that works for me and I want to pass it on to you, my dear reader. I am sure there are other little fun games out there that can facilitate the mind conditioning process and I would love to exchange ideas. Please feel free to write a comment letting me know!

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-by sol ballard

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