initialThe Secret to A Sexy Healthy Body

By Sol Ballard (featured in Initial Magazine)

As we flip through the pages of magazines, surf the web, and click through T.V. channels we can’t help but notice the escalating diet craze and obsession with weight loss programs.

I think I have heard it all.  The news tells us that almost half of the American population is overweight but then there is also the argument that models may not be setting a healthy body image standard.  At this point all of our minds are clouded and we have no idea on what being healthy really looks like.  So where do we go from here?

The answer to that question is simple; we go in.  We dive into the depths of our being and we ask our source of wisdom and knowledge to guide us.  We do not need to rely on magazines and television to tell us what we need to look like.  We all have our own personal advisor that is connected the realms of the Divine that will show us the way.  This advisor is our inner guide that is always available to us to tap into when we need it.

You may be asking what all this woo woo stuff has to do with body image and I will be delighted to explain.  In the past few decades there has been a massive worldwide awakening in the province of spirituality and people are beginning to realize that we live in an integrated world where everything is interdependent of one another.  It has become clear to me that we must align our perception to a more holistically inclined one in order to improve the quality of our lives and “make it” in this modern world.

We now live in a time where the rules of the game have changed.  Women are thriving in business and becoming the breadwinners of the home and careers in homemaking are taking the plunge.  Time seems to be moving faster and faster and our health seems to have been put on the back burner.

We tell ourselves that we don’t have time to exercise or that we will eat healthy tomorrow.  Excuses pile up just as fast as our medical bills and excess weight.  We fail to realize that everything is connected.  If we continue to deprive our body from nourishment and exercise we may experience a negative domino effect in other areas of our lives.  Without a healthy functioning body, we cannot be effective in any corner of our lives.  The truth is that your body is a sacred temple and it should be treated as such.  We must be conscious about the perspective that we have of our body.

Take a minute to appreciate your body; how your lungs bring oxygen to your blood without you even noticing, how your heart beats to keep you alive, how hard your liver works to purify and detoxify your body, how you have the gift to bring another life into this world, and so on.  Our bodies work day and night to be at our disposal.

We must learn to honor our bodies through the assistance of our inner guidance.  We must allow our inner guide to lead the way.  We must be conscious of our choices and empower ourselves.  If you are planning on embarking on a health journey always ask your intuition for guidance, you will open yourself up to the help of the Universe.  Intuitively you will know what you need to do and the helpful resources will appear before you when you most need them.  Make it a point to ask out loud for what you want and need.

Assistance from your inner guide coupled with the Sexy Body Tips below will have you on your way to a healthier sexier you in no time!

1. Your health comes first– We must accept that our body is our most valuable asset and without it we cannot effectively accomplish anything else.  Knowing this we need to make our health our top priority.  Excuses in the health area of our lives cannot hold up; our heart never says that it doesn’t have time to pump blood through our veins; it is its job to do so.  We cannot use the excuse that we don’t have time for daily cardio; it is our job to exercise.  Like in every relationship, it is a give and take and not a one-way street.

2.  Be mindful of what you eat– If our body is a temple then think of eating as a sacred practice.  We must only accept the purest food to enter our body.  Our precious body deserves only the best of nourishment.  Overindulging in fast food and sugar is an abusive act towards our body that jeopardizes our health.  We must reverse the damage we have caused our bodies by consuming healing foods such as organic leafy greens.

3.  Find love in your imperfections– We are our own worst critics.  Be nice to your body regardless of what shape or form it is in.  We must learn to love and accept our bodies as they are to be effective in our healthy body transformation.   For example, if you have stretch marks from a pregnancy shift your perception to see them as love marks to remember your beautiful children.  Unsightly scars?  You can view them as battle wounds from your amazing life journey.  Find love in what you are not able to change and change the rest.

4. Your body’s beauty lies in your mind–  If you can perceive a sexy body you can conceive it.  Have a vision of what you would like to look like and be realistic.  (One of the only times I will ask you to be realistic.) Take into consideration your age, whether you have had children, and your body type, then envision an achievable body that is ideal for you.  Do not torture yourself if your ideal body is not the one of a celebrity’s; you cannot compare your unique characteristics to those of someone else.  A healthy body is sexy no matter what!

5.  Practice the art of patience-  In this modern world of instant gratification it is easy to lose our patience when we do not instantly receive the results that we want.   We may find that we revert to our old bad habits of overeating and inactivity.  Be patient with your journey.  Remember that being healthy is in every workout and every meal and there is no final destination.  Every passing moment is an opportunity to make a healthy conscious choice.  If you regress in your progress, it is not biggie, make a healthier choice next time.

It is no secret that healthy eating and exercise are the gateway to health and a sexy body, but most people don’t know that they can tune into themselves for assistance and guidance.  Tapping into our source of wisdom and love and asking it to lead the way is so powerful.  You will be impressed by what you are capable of doing and becoming when you ask for help from your inner guide.  Health is not something we can leave up to chance; it is an area of our lives that requires our conscious love and attention.





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