Do your finances make you want to pull your hair out? Follow these tips instead.

The past few months you have been lying awake way past your bedtime stressing out about money.

You spend most of your days walking around like a zombie from Walking Dead due to lack of sleep and loads of stress because you’re not sure if you’re next paycheck is going to be enough to maintain your lifestyle.

You do what any logical, sound, completely normal person would do in this messy situation- you seek out a fortune teller to get juicy insight on the finance department of your life.

You pass a beaded curtain and enter a room solely lit by candles with a strong incense aroma. With an intense look on her face, the fortune teller asks why you seek her services. 

Without skipping a beat you answer, ” I feel despair, frustration, worry, anguish, shame, distress,  about money and would like to know what lies in my future.”

Without looking into her sparkling crystal ball that contains all the secrets of the Universe, she knows what your future holds, more financial doom and gloom!

But she didn’t even look into her crystal ball, you shriek.

She didn’t have to. Emotions alone are sufficient information to what your future holds.

See, many of us have a lot of emotional issues surrounding money.

Many of my readers answered that they were the least happy with the finance department of their life in my Tailored to You Content Survey.

They stated that they felt frustrated and potentially stuck forever in the money area of their life.

They called and now I am answering.

Which reminds me, if you haven’t filled that sucker out, do us both a favor and click the link pronto. The more I know about you and what ails you, the more tailored content I can deliver to your inbox and the faster you can improve on issues and get on with your fearless self.

Now what was I saying? Oh yes, money.

If you are the least happy with the finance area of your life I don’t have to be a fortune teller to know that are you also worrying about the finance area of your life.

If you are worrying, I advice that you proceed with caution.

You can unintentionally build a mind block around money

Here’s the thing, once we start feeling all Negative Nancy about a thing, in this case money, we start charging it with negative emotions.

What do you think negative emotions bring about? Go ahead, take a wild guess.

Yeah, you guessed it.

More negative emotions.

Let me tell you, emotions are powerful. Like extremely powerful.

We must be very careful how we use them because they have the power to shape our lives and our destinies.

When we habitually think about money and then host a raging worry/pity party, we slowly but surely begin to build a mental block towards the very thing that we most want or need… Money.

When we have an emotional or mental block towards something it becomes harder for us to get it. When things are harder for us to get, we build more frustration and negative emotions towards it.

Do you see how this vicious cycle gets created?

A money mind tip

This is what you can do.

You can start changing the way you think about money so that you can emotionally charge it with warm fuzzy feelings instead of worry and depression.

To do that, I have carefully formulated a special guide to help you buy happiness so that you can start associating money with joy, therefore dissolving any mind blocks around money and potentially making you the fierce money magnet you know you can be.

And yes, you read that right, I said buy happiness.

If you think money can’t buy you happiness, then you are just not spending it right!

Hear me out, money isn’t everything but it can help you boost your happiness if you know what you are doing.

You don’t need loads of it to do it either you just need to know how.

You can feel like a million bucks even if you’re not super rich!

Which not-so coincidentally also happens to be the name of my brand new e-guide.

Get it here!

In my brand new spanking guide, Feel Like A Million Bucks (Even If You Are Not Super Rich), I walk you through happiness boosting tips that will help you spend your discretionary income in a more joyous and mindful way so that you can bust through money blocks while cranking up the happy in your life.

Who doesn’t want more happy in their life?!

Grab your copy here and start kicking those money mind blocks to the curb. Your happiness awaits.

Feel Like A Million Bucks (Even If You Are Not Super Rich)

PS.  I want to get to know more of you. I am dedicated to bringing you the content you want and need. I have sweetened the deal for those of you who fill out the Tailored To You Content Survey, I will be picking one person a month to have a free NLP session with me!  NLP helps you communicate with your mind on what you want it to do. Techniques range from changing unwanted behavior or emotions, disliking a food that you know you shouldn’t be eating, to breaking bad habits. So don’t be shy enter to win by filling out the survey here.



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