You Can’t Be the Prosperity Magnet You Envision

You can´t be the prosperity magnet you envision.
You can´t be the prosperity magnet you envision.

But the relentless, limitless, faith-filled business badass you’re conditioning yourself into becoming, can and will.

I’ve gotten on so many calls where I’ve witnessed so many beautiful souls come to tears because they feel trapped by their perceived limitations.

She sits there no feeling worthy enough for one simple reason:

She´s basing her ability to create a prosperous empire on who she currently is.

Not factoring in her future growth.

Not accounting for the miracles and opportunities to come.

Not understanding that she can teach herself to be and have anything she wants.

When we don´t understand that we have the capacity to rewire ourselves from the identity level that´s when business seems hard and we feel stuck.

We spin our wheels and are left empty-handed.

Then what happens next is crazy. Because we don’t see the results we want we come to the conclusion that something must be wrong with us, or we’re just not worthy-further blocking our receiving power.

But here´s one scientific fact to keep in mind:

Your brain is REWIRE-able.

And you can shift yourself into the truth of who you really are whenever you desire it.

That´s the beauty of being alive is that you get to choose again.

Who said you had to comply to yesterday’s beliefs?

Our continue being who you were last year, last month, and even who you were a few moments ago?

You get to break the mold, you get to flip the script.

Fall deeper into your limitless, prosperous, faith-filled potential.

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