Happiness Advice You Must Know


Of course you want a happy and healthy life, you want amazing experiences and you want to be successful in whatever your definition for success is.  We all do!  Although you may be very grateful for what you already have, more abundance and prosperity is never a bad thing.

Wondering whether or not you are taking the proper steps to living the beautiful life you always imagined is completely natural.  Reading self-help books and following all the step-by-step guides to a fab life on your favorite magazines to get ideas on how to accomplish that is perfectly okay, but I wanted to give you a few words of precaution.

Don’t believe that you have to do every thing right to live the life of your dreams.  Making mistakes is part of life and mistakes are only really mistakes if you define them as such.

On the other hand, there is ONE valuable thing you could be doing to get closer to the life of your dreams every day.

As an expert in making tons of terrible mistakes and knowing how to turn them around, and as person who has spent a great amount of time studying personal development and learning from many successful people, I can let you in on the most important overlooked happiness tip there is.  If you are going to retain any ONE thing you ever have heard about living joyfully, make it this.

Every day focus on growing a little more and you will find complete bliss.

That is it.  Plain and simple.  Whatever your goal is, wherever you want to be in life, the great person you want to be- just focus on growing a little in that direction each day.  Notice I didn’t say a lot, but a little.  They may be little baby steps to you, but they are giant leaps in the course of a few years.

When I was living unhappily in the biggest rock bottom of my life, I knew that things weren’t going to turn around overnight. I had to reconstruct and rebuild a new foundation one day at a time. Each day I set out to be better than the last, and I wish I could say it was like magic that things turned around but it wasn’t. I had to do the work and show up to everyday. So I did. Now that I am living in the happiest moments I have ever experienced, I know that to get to a higher level, I need to continue to grow and expand- just a little each day. I do not need to over load myself, or try to be perfect all at once (because I will never be), I just have to do one days worth of growing.

Stretch just a little one day, the next day, stretch just a little bit more, and a little bit more the day after that.  You will find that in no time you will be way outside of what once was you comfort zone and will have entered a world of infinite possibilities and ultimate joy.

I hope these words have served you today.



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