How familiar does this sound?



  • Paralyzed to put your work out there
  • Unclear on how to make your business profitable
  • Worried about what others might think
  • Afraid no one will want/need your services
  • Unsure of the next step




  • You have found your purpose in life and love the idea of getting paid to be of service to the world
  • This is an opportunity for you to creatively express yourself while helping others
  • You can be your own boss, call your own shots, and have the freedom to do whatever you please whenever you please

That used to be me! Until...

When I first discovered that my purpose in life was to be of service to the world, I was super excited about the possibilities. I mean, who doesn't want help, right? So this is what happened...

The minute I decided to put myself out there in a bigger way, I felt frozen with fear. What will people think? Who would pay attention to me? I felt like a fraud.

I was terrified of being rejected, scared to death to ask people to buy my services, felt incredibly uncertain on what to kind of work to put out there.

I felt like just giving up. There was already tons of people out there doing what I wanted to do and probably doing it better than I ever could so... why even try.

I had self-induced insomnia staying up late at night wondering how I was going to make my dreams work. The thought of working a 9-5 for the rest of my life and losing out on the freedom and fulfillment of running a purpose-driven business made me want to pull my hair out.

In a moment of desperation I fell to my knees, tears flooding my face, I decided to surrender all my worries to the Universe. I asked for guidance, I asked for courage, I asked for strength.

As I sat there praying, I had an epiphany- a life changing moment, it wasn't that I wasn't good enough, creative enough, smart enough, special enough to realize my dreams, it was that I was entertaining thoughts that blocked me from becoming who I was destined to be. What I really needed was the ideal mindset. Anyone could learn mindset.

Deep down I knew that:

I could take courses on selling and attracting ideal clients but if I didn't truly in my heart and mind believe that I had the power to create moving work that my clients would happily pay for, if I didn't truly believe with every fiber in my body that I was destined for success, none of my dreams would come to fruition. So I went to work on the most important thing I posses- my mind.

When I started working with the tools and techniques I offer on this very page, I began to realize I was a walking powerhouse.  I began to feel the magnetism of my revamped mindset. I became more confident, driven, and determined to take effective action towards my dreams. It was like the fog lifted and now I was co-creating with the universe and now I was empowered to do the work I came into this world to do.

Since then I have given hundreds of speaking presentations, worked with my ideal clients creating magic-like shifts in their perspectives that get them fired up and moving and creating their own successful purpose-driven business. I have created a life of freedom and ability to be my own boss and call my own shots and I am just getting started.

Now I am going to help you do the same.

6 Ways Your Mindset  Can Determine Your Success in Business

  • When your mindset is on point you become an unstoppable powerhouse that creates work that incites a “Where have you been all my life?” reaction from your clients.

  • When your mindset is on point you more rapidly activate neural pathways in your brain that aid you in being more creative, more insightful, more astute- all secret traits of the wildly successful.

  • When your mindset in on point you fearlessly put yourself out there and inspire and move others with your gifts
  • When your mindset is on point you can confidently sell yourself and your services with ease, grace, and pizzaz.

  • When your mindset is on point you tap into the power to create a life of your own design. You manifest your desires more quickly and life just seems to be rigged in your favor.

  • When your mindset is on point you become a vibrational match for opportunities, circumstances, and people that can take you to the next level

Passion for Your Work

Imagine going to bed at night with that fulfillment and satisfaction that you made a difference in the life of many with your service. You were able to express yourself creatively and use your gifts and your passion to create a badass business that serves the world. You rest your pretty head on your pillow and close your eyes knowing that you have made your contribution to world. And since you do that with such grace and eloquence that thank you emails from your clients never stop rolling in. Your audience is so moved and touched by your work and you feel ever so grateful to be of service. You feel ever so grateful that you aligned your thoughts and actions with all that you wanted so that you could bring yourself to this very special moment.

Money in Abundance

Imagine you have sales rolling in like no ones business because you are now a bosslady that thinks and acts like a bosslady and reaps the benefits of a bosslady.  Earning bucket loads of cash with your business is far from a struggle, if anything its effortless and graceful. You can now buy those Christian Louboutin's you've been eyeing, or hire that personal chef if you want. The choice is yours because you know that since your thoughts are in vibrational harmony with all that you desire you can attract money like a magnet. And all you had to do was shift your mindset.

Freedom with Your Time

Now imagine this! You are free to be ANYWHERE your heart desires. Trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy? Why yes, that sounds lovely. Sleeping in on weekdays? No one will mind if you do. Why? Because you stepped into the mindset of being your own boss and calling your own shots and you designed a life that you always dreamed of and created a business you are insanely in love with that gives you the freedom to do what you want whenever you want. That's just the kinda person that you are!

A magic-like 1.5 hour call in which you will gain clarity, direction, and the mindset tools to manifest a purpose-driven business in speed!

Why work with this overly-enthusiastic mindset girl with big hair?

  • I was just like you once, fighting the fears fighting the doubt, fighting the despair and managed to turn it around so you can feel at ease knowing that I know EXACTLY how you feel
  • I'm a certified NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner which is a fancy way of saying I know how to "speak the language" of your mind and can help you instantly make positive changes on a subconscious level. It's a real thing, look it up!
  • I have helped handfuls of clients make mind shifts that have helped them get noticed online and attract their ideal clients while others have made enough money to quit their jobs and work full-time on their businesses
  • I'm extremely passionate about upgrading your mindset and will ensure you have a fun and life changing experience, otherwise I will return every penny you pay for our session back. (Although I'm super positive you'll be happy and that won't be neccesary)

You've never seen anything like this before!

Why Magnetic Bossbabe Mindset Works Like A Charm

While others focus on just teaching you business skills, this session is a full strategy system that takes a holistic approach (spiritual + practical tools) to catapult your success.  It's tailored to your specific needs and not cookie cutter material that you usually find on most business coaching sites.

Magnetic Bossbabe Mindset Will Work for You...

  • even if you feel like you are utterly hopeless and could never create something great
  • even if you have never had success at anything in the past
  • even if you feel that your mindset needs a surgical makeover
  • even if you feel like someone put an evil hex on you and that's why you cant ever do what you love

Here's what MBM'ers have to say

Sarah Slama

Sol has an amazing spirit and enthusiastically helped during a time in need. Her words were a breath of fresh air, and the advice I received has given me the courage to keep pursuing my passions in life. Because of her generosity in speaking with me, I now feel I have more clarity on moving forward with my own personal and professional pursuits. I’m truly appreciative and indebted. Thanks Sol!

Sarah Slama
Akilah Phillips

Sol  has that inner light which emanates from her pores. My session with her was inspiring and I am still feeling the energy from the call.  Her enthusiasm and passion made me feel at ease and like I was capable of doing anything I put my mind to.

While talking to her, my creative juices were constantly flowing and in that  one session I received  more clarity and direction than I’ve been able to access in ‘forever’. I. could actually feel the growth occurring within. I felt connected and like she truly cared about my progress and that my achievements would matter to  her as well.

I will be adding her to my list of recommended resources- definitely a top notch personal development guru  in my book. I was even delighted with the follow up report which followed soon after. Thank you Sol for an amazing session. I’m excited to get started on my goals.

Akilah Phillips
Julissa Bellmore

Magnetic Bossbabe Mindset changed my life! I cannot express in words my gratitude to this session. Before the call I was confused and felt stuck. I wanted to do something I loved for a living but didn’t know where to start. I felt scared to post on social media or to sell any services. After talking to Sol, I felt limitless. My whole mentality on my business changed and I was able to put express myself in my work and express effectively to the people I wanted to work with. It wasn’t long before I quit my job and started working on my business full time from home!

Julissa Bellmore

Join me now- this offer won't be here forever!

Okay maybe Kim didn't really say that but she totally would've if she knew....

...that I'm n0t sure how long I will leave this offer up for grabs on my site ...or if she knew that I limited spots available to accommodate Magnetic Bossbabe Mindset sessions in ....or if she knew that the price for this offer is ridiculously low for the value that I provide I just might hike up the price at any given minute.

Got questions? I've got answers.

  • q-iconI don't have a business yet, is this for me?

    Yep! In my worksheets and in our session we focus on ALL the blocks that are holding you from having that purpose-driven business that consciously or subconsciously you want and deserve. Together we’ll explore what is holding you back from having the business you desire and plan ways to get you started.

  • q-iconI'm a full-time business owner, is this for me?

    Yes! Yes! Yes! If you are feeling stuck in your current business, want to head in a different direction, want to attract more time, money, or abundance- whatever the reason is this call is for you. True bossbabes can recognize when something isn’t working and reach out for help.

  • q-iconI'm don't have a business idea yet, can you still help me?

    Absolutely! The first step to manifesting is to get clear on what you want. What I love about MBM is that we get to tailor the call your needs so even if you have no idea exactly what type of purpose-driven business you want, you will know by the end of our session.

  • q-iconI have a question that isn't listed on here, how do I reach you?

    Send me an email at and I will be happy to answer your question ASAP.

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