The thing that is keeping you stuck in life and how to overcome it.

 I know that you want to live a better life otherwise you would not be reading this post right now. Since I really like you, I am going to let you in on a little secret.  I hinted about this in a previous post and promised to discuss it further.

I know that at times you have found yourself in a challenging situation where you may have not known how to get out of it. Or perhaps, you are living an unfulfilled life but you are not really sure why or how to improve it.  Maybe you are not even in any of those predicaments but you just want to improve your life.

In most of these instances you may have mental blocks that you are not really aware of. Think of being in an obstacle course of life. To advance to the next level in your life you must overcome and pass obstacles. If you don’t know or care to overcome this obstacle you may be stuck in the level that you are in forever. So these blocks in your brain that are restraining you from truly achieving what you want to achieve.

If you are stuck in a certain place in your life or simply want to get to the next level, you need to pay attention on how you may be operating in an unfavorable way on a subconscious level.  Our subconscious lies deep in the realm of the mind. Your mind is such a priceless beautiful thing that could be your most powerful weapon if you know all of its functions and train it to make it work for you.

An untrained mind, on the other hand, can easily work against you.  The same mind that has the power to grant you freedom and get you almost anything you want in this world, has the power to become your own prison if you let it.

I can write for days about this, but to simplify this I am going to give you one task to work on so you can start tapping into your subconscious and training your mind to work for you.  Before you disregard this task as a petty little thing that doesn’t work, I want to urge you to try it. And as corny as it sounds I am going to write this quote because I think it is very fitting: “Winners do what losers don’t want to.” So if you think you are way above this task then really think if maybe this is you holding yourself back from getting to the next level.  I am not saying this is the ONLY way to train your mind, but I am saying this is the way I have learned to start training my mind and it has proven over and over again that it works.  So here it goes:

  1. Buy a journal/notebook.
  2. Record your thoughts every waking hour on the hour. I want you to record any thought that is a self-limiting belief, attacks yourself, or attacks others. Don’t judge yourself- just write.
  3. After a week or more, revisit your entries. See any reoccurring patterns? You more than likely will. You will need to write a POSITIVE statement that replaces the old negative thought.

Do step 1 and 2 for as long as it takes to replace any negative belief. Do not try to justify your beliefs, just write them down. Start becoming aware of these little negative voices that are constantly judging, attacking, restricting, and inevitably keeping you stuck in a place where you do not belong.

Will this require work on your part? Hell yeah.  If you really want to go from one level to the next, YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK.  You will keep tripping over the same stones until you learn how to jump over them.

Once you review your thoughts you will be shocked on how often you are telling yourself that you can’t do something. You will be amazed on how you are your worst enemy by constantly telling yourself you are fat, ugly, or that you can’t do something.  Once you begin to replace your thoughts with healthier ones, you will find more freedom. You actions will begin to change because you will know that the only reason you were stuck in the level you were stuck in, is because you were holding yourself as a prisoner in your own mind.

This tool will help you keep your mind open and not closed. It will help bring awareness to the thoughts that you are operating under. When you re-write your thoughts, you will set yourself up for unlimited possibilities. You are basically telling yourself what you want to think!

You don’t have to take my word for it do the work and find out for yourself by writing in that journal now and write a comment below letting me know one new idea you got from this post.

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