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In these past few months I have really taken giant leaps pursuing my passion.  I love writing and speaking and things have really been moving quite well.  Everyday I look for areas in which my writing can improve and where my business can flourish.  The more moves I make the more that is at stake.  I come to realize that soon I will need to start taking even bigger leaps of faith.

In writing those words come together so nicely.  Leap of faith.  In action, a leap of faith is running towards the edge of a cliff and taking the plunge.  Only the law of gravity seems to have changed when you are in the air.  All of the sudden you are moving in slow motion through the air, feeling every single butterfly in your stomach.  Your legs are moving so fast and you are freaking out because you no longer feel the ground underneath you.  A million thoughts racing through your head, “what was I thinking?”  “Where will I land?”  “Help!”  You can feel the gravity pull and the jump that should have taken a few seconds now seems like an eternity.

The fear of taking a leap of faith can be very similar to planning on jumping off a cliff.  Some people never bridge the gap between amateur and professional because of the fear of what the jump entails.  The fear of taking a giant leap can be paralyzing.  It can stop you dead on your tracks and make you run the opposite way.

Most rather not deal with the pain of making a drastic move in the name of their dreams and aspirations.  It is easier to sit in a comfort zone because taking a giant leap is too scary and we don’t know if things will work in our favor.

I came to terms that we are going to feel pain whether we take a leap of faith or not.  Those who don’t take drastic measure to make their dreams come true may think they are “safe” in their comfort zone but they are in a far scarier situation than the person who just launched himself/herself into the air.  The “safe” person who takes the easier route and doesn’t follow their dreams feels greater pain and fear than the risk taker but in smaller doses every day.  Each day they get up and spend hours of their life in a mediocre unfulfilling job.  At an old age, this person looks back at their life and regret living the life they did.  While the bold person following their dreams faces uncertainty everyday but gets up and completes a job he/she loves and is passionate about.  The leaps of faith they take are needed to jump into a higher playing field.  It seems scary but their lives are filled with a sense of accomplishment and adventure.

I weighed out my options and pick to be the person who lives their passion each day.  A leap of faith is called that for a reason.  Faith is having a strong confidence in something- in this case our dreams, the Universe, or God.  I strongly believe that we are passionate about something it is because we were meant to fulfill that passion.  A great desire to implement our dreams exists in us and if we follow this fervor, we will be compensated generously.  We were not created to play small and doing so will be going against our true nature.

I vow to have blind faith in my dreams.  I know that my ultimate goal is to help make the world a better place and the Universe will compensate my actions.  I know that going forward the stakes will get higher and higher but I also know that with each leap I am a step closer to living in a state of infinite grace.

I promise God that my time here on Earth will not be wasted living in fear of greatness.  I will use my time wisely to create the most I can with the gifts and talents I was provided with.

With all that being said, take the leap you have been meaning to take and don’t waste any more precious time.  If you are free falling in the air as we speak, don’t freak out- you will be compensated.  If you have taken the leap already, congratulations, you have done something most people would never dare to do.

by Sol Ballard


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  • Judith

    Reply Reply January 11, 2013

    Found your blog via herfuture.com. This post really resonated with me. Your words gave me the motivation and reminder to keep pursuing my goals I needed today. Thanks for you beautifully crafted and well thought word!

    Love and light,

    • Sol Ballard

      Reply Reply January 11, 2013

      Great! Thank you for reading, Judith!

      Stay motivated!

  • quetoqua

    Reply Reply January 18, 2013

    very inspirational, it’s the perfect reminder of “don’t waste any more precious time”. i need to read this post every single day first thing in the morning. i’m not ready to give up my dreams. THANK YOU SOL.

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