This Spooky Halloween Story Helped Me Get A Grip On Fear

This story helped me get a grip on fear.

I used to be DEATHLY afraid of Halloween haunted houses. Like shakin’ in my boots, peeing in my pants, crying for my mom, afraid. I avoided them at ALL costs. Then something happened that INSTANTLY cured my fright.

About four years ago, one of my bff’s Marco some how managed to convince me to go to what at the time, I felt was the most hellish experience OF ALL TIME. (Pretty sure tacos were involved in his persuasion script.) So there I was, headed to the 13th Floor Haunted House.

Seriously, why in the world would anyone in their right mind subject themselves to suchHalloween (2) terror? Fearfully walking around in the dark overwhelmed with anxiety because YOU KNOW some zombie is BOUND to jump out any second and give you a heart attack.

Oh sure, yeah, that sounds like TONS OF FUN, sign me up.

Anyway, so I get to this haunted house thing with Marco, and as soon as we get to the entrance I begin to FREAK THE EFF OUT, I was totally like,

“Is it too late to get our money back!?”

I finally muster up the courage to go in (the 7 year olds behind us showing me up surely had little to nothing to do with it) squeezing the life out of Marco’s hand.

We enter a pitch dark corridor, then some eerie music begins to play, in the far distance we hear screams of other haunted house victims and of course, the DREADED evil laugh that YOU KNOW will be echoing through your nightmares.


At the end of the corridor we enter a foggy room. It was really really foggy. Somehow I was able to make out a coffin in the middle- I could hear my heartbeat in my ears, my stomach felt like it was gonna fall out my butt*… I knew some thing crazy was about to go down and some evil vampire or worse, that TERRIFYING skeleton thing from Tales From the Crypt was going to burst out of that coffin maniacally laughing… just any second now… wait for it…….

I was wrong.

A different kind of crazy thing happened instead.

A loud alarm blared, an alarm that seemed so foreign to the whole Halloweeny haunted housy feel. It sounded more like…..  a fire alarm? 

Yep, it was a fire alarm. Guess the fog machine had set off the smoke detectors and now we were all being evacuated from the building.


My prayers had been answered!

Untitled designThe lights turned on. The scary monsters came out of hiding. The “actors” came out of character.  And most notably, the eeriness faded.

After waiting half an hour outside for the firemen to check everything out we are allowed back in.

I entered the corridor, walked past the coffin, where of course, some vampire jumped out, I entered another creepy hallway where I was chased by a masked man with an ax and went through the whole haunted house experience WITHOUT fear coursing through my veins.

Sure, you always know in the back of your mind that haunted houses are fake, I mean, it’s not like I really thought they were real houses with real ghosts and real life serial killers.

You know they are fake, but somehow you’re still scared, for some crazy reason.

Fear just does that. We know that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, we know it’s in our head, yet we still freak the eff out when it comes to doing anything that concerns it.

But when we’re able to see fear for what it really is, a thought in a creepy disguise, we shift our perspective. We gain confidence and courage.

When we turn on the lights on fear, and tune in to our intuition, prayers, or meditation, we dial the fear notch down to a whisper.

Fear loses it’s creep costume and we can finally see it for it really is, an imposter.

When we see that we can finally proceed effortlessly to the attainment of what we most desire.

So the next time fear tries to put you on a choke hold, remember that you have a choice in the way that you perceive that fear, and if that fear exists in your mind then that means you have the power to change it.

So tell me, how can you choose to feel liberated from fear each day?

PS. Happy Halloweeny!

PSS. * Mean Girls Reference 

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