So you say you want to change? I got you covered.

Farmer's market********** Warning in this blog I will get in your face and indirectly call you out!***************

Hello dear friend,

I want you to know today is so very special because I will be speaking to an audience about becoming a better version of ourselves! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be delivering this great message! The name of the presentation is Three Steps to a Better You.  The audience I am speaking to is a special audience because they are currently in a very low point of their lives.  Most of them have not seen the best of days recently and are struggling to get by.

As I was preparing my speech I was trying to really put myself in the shoes of the people I will be speaking to so that I could put together a life changing presentation.  I wanted this speech to be a game changer for everyone listening. I realized that I could preach from the mountain tops about becoming a better version of ourselves all day long but none of that will matter if my listeners are not willing to change.

As I scribbled down thoughts, I realized that this applies to all of us not just people that are living in their rock bottoms. We can all benefit from improving our lives and we can ALWAYS be better.  I decided to make the first step to a better self, Willingness. Willingness is the gateway to a great life. Nothing will happen, nothing will change, nothing will matter, UNLESS we are willing to change and we are WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to change.  That is the only way to get to where we want to be.  It is that simple.

I want you to ponder this for a second, is there something in your life that you have REALLY wanted to change for a long time and have not? If so, have you made excuses for why you haven’t experienced the change you wanted? Excuses are the justification you give yourself for why you can’t do something. So if you are not getting what you want then more than likely you are making an excuse for it.  I will be getting a little bit in your face today to put things into perspective because I really want you to take an honest look at your actions.

Think of that the one thing you have been wanting to change but have not been able to. Now,  I want you to be completely honest with yourself. Have you really done EVERYTHING in your power to change it? Have you really given it all you got? Have you tried moment to moment to make this happen? Have you committed all the time and money possible to get where you want to be? Have you asked for help in this area? Have you done all the research in this topic to help you improve your results? If the answer to ALL these questions is yes, my next question to you is for how long? Have you spent a significant amount of hours making this change? Have persevered and pushed through obstacles? Have you not taken “No” for answer and given it a try time after time for an extended period of time? Be honest.  If you are not honest you are only cheating yourself.

If you answered all no’s or some no’s- that thing that you said you really want, you don’t REALLY want or you are not willing to do what it takes to get there.  You may also be just trying to get there. I was reading a blog the other day where this life coach whose name I cannot remember said that if his potential clients say they are going to “try” to change, he won’t work with them because they have already given up by using the word “try”.  He said when we use the word “try” that means that we will give it shot and if we don’t get results we will give up. He also said that he will only work with clients that say that they WILL make the change. This lets him know that this client has the right mindset to get to where they want to be. My guess is that this life coach has a high success rate- just saying!

Have you ever really needed to get something and you did everything in your power to get it? Maybe you needed rent money one day otherwise you were going to get evicted. Or maybe you needed to feed your kids and got the money or the food to do so. Maybe you needed to catch a flight and somehow you magically made it happen. This is the mindset you need to get that change you have been wanting. So readjust your game plan and gather your thoughts and make that change full force!

If you read through all those questions and answered yes to them all, CONGRATULATIONS!  You have mastered the first step to effective change. My suggestion to you is to find someone who has effectively succeeded in what you want and ask them to help you get there. You may be making the wrong moves and getting nowhere. With that commitment and persistence you will be where you want to be in NO TIME.

Thank you for enduring this post. I did warn you that I would get in your face today! Becoming the best version of ourselves is not easy; therefore, I can’t take it easy on you. Tough love!

I know this Three Steps to a Better You presentation will shift mindsets today and get people pumped!

Are you trying to make a change in your life, tell me how you think you can create the change using the questionnaire above in the comments below.  Do you know of someone who you think might benefit from this blog post? Then share it!

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Lots of Love,

Sol Ballard


  • quetoqua

    Reply Reply April 19, 2013

    Good Luck with your presentation! It’ll be a great speech, and all your attendees will get a huge “motivation-push” to do/feel better!

    • Sol Ballard

      Reply Reply April 19, 2013

      Thank you!!!!!

  • Maggi

    Reply Reply June 21, 2013

    Maybe I’m having a blonde moment but I lost you after willingness. What are steps 2 and 3? The article just seems t ramble without making those points clear.

    • Sol Ballard

      Reply Reply June 21, 2013

      No, you are not having a blonde moment. I focused on only step one for this post. I should have mentioned that. Steps 2 and 3 in the presentation were:

      2. Have a clear vision: You cannot hit a target you cannot see. You have to have a road map to your destination. Have a crystal clear vision of what you are trying to accomplish.

      3. Start making shifts: Start aligning your actions and thoughts to those of your higher self. Your higher self is already inside of you. You will need to unlearn all the negative thoughts and behavior you have acquired to become your higher self. Begin thinking that you are already who you want to be. Begin acting like the higher version of yourself.

      I hope this helps!

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