Shock Your Family & Friends With Your Gratitude This Year

by Sol Ballard

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Colorful Turkey Art

I still remember writing my first blog post the night before Thanksgiving 2012 and feeling brave enough to release it to the world. It was that night where it occurred to me that I wasn’t practicing gratitude to the full extent. We hear it everywhere, especially around Thanksgiving time, “count your blessings”, “have an attitude of gratitude”, or “be thankful for what you have”.

I love this because it gets us focused on the good things in life that are often overlooked or even ignored, but what about all the things that are left once your are done with your gratitude list? What do we do with the stuff left over that we are not-so-grateful for? Should we just sweep it under the rug? Pretend it is not there? Prefer not to focus on it?

Here’s what I know, be grateful for it too. Often times life’s little mishaps are blessings in disguise. Plenty of times, beautiful teaching moments are dressed in the rags of hardship. Yet, these are the “ugly” parts we don’t want to look at. These are the messy situations that we typically don’t mention when are gathered around the dining table at Thanksgiving dinner.

Problems give us an opportunity to decide who we want to be and how we want to live. It gives us a chance to rise above or sink below. Challenges are never going away. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Depending on how you respond in the face of adversity, obstacles represent opportunity. An opportunity to break a vicious cycle, an opportunity to choose love over fear, and an opportunity to start all over again.

Be grateful for it all. Have you ever looked back to one point in life and remembered an issue you were dealing with and in hindsight, you now realize that what was happening at the time was for your own good? Or maybe you learned a great lesson from that issue that now you can carry it with you and help others because of it?

So this Thanksgiving be grateful for one of life’s obstacles. Shock your family and friends by being thankful for a huge problem you are facing when it’s your turn to count your blessings at the table.

Gobble Gobble,





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