Mind Tips for the Body of Your Dreams

 Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 10.43.43 AMForget all that talk about losing weight. Seriously!  It is not serving you and I will tell you why.

A few years back I noticed that I was suffering from a condition that could easily be taken care of with diet and exercise. Sounds easy right? All I have to do is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise? Done! Well it wasn’t that easy.  For many years I attempted to eat healthy and work out. I tried and tried but I couldn’t bring myself to do it consistently. I would do just fine for a few days but before the week was over I was back to my old habits.

I was confused by all the information out there. Some people claimed I should do this and not that then someone else said that the opposite was true. I was lost. I realized this is exactly what it is like for someone who is having trouble with body image and is having trouble  getting on the right track.

I figured that if other people were living a healthy lifestyles so could I.  For months I tried to figure out the secret to living this lifestyle effortlessly. I studied it. I observed others in it. What do they know that I don’t, I thought to myself.

Then I figured it out. Well months later I figured it out. The healthy people living a healthy lifestyle wanted health more than they wanted to hold on to their old unhealthy habits that was making them sick and overweight.  They had made a choice. They had a crystal clear vision about what they wanted and nothing was going to hold them back.   With that information, I set out to on my own journey to health.

I realized that in order to maintain the lifestyle, I need to get my mind right first. Ever heard the saying, “Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it?” Well that saying is 110% true. You need to first have your mind in shape before your body.

Once I consistently maintained a healthy lifestyle of my own, I  discovered other secrets.  Then like magic, I got asked by a magazine to write an article on a healthy body image. The timing could have not been more perfect.  Read the full article here. Watch the condensed version of the article below.

Forget all that talk about just losing weight. Get into the rhythm of being healthy. Take baby steps. Feed your mind nourishing thoughts.

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  • Rachel Medhurst

    Reply Reply February 2, 2014

    Hey, Sol,
    This came to me at the right time. I’ve recently put on a stone in weight. It’s been a slow build up from last summer. There is no reason other than less exercise. I got little bit lazy and now am feeling the effects of it. The funny thing is, that although I’ve upped my exercise, I’m not yet seeing results and I’m getting impatient. I wonder what mind set I’ve managed to get myself into since the summer. Will have a read of your article! 🙂
    Rachel x

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