Are you manifesting the right way?

Hope you are having a great 2015 this far!

I absolutely ADORE the New Year. It is a time for growing and stretching, rebirth, second chances, building, and sooo much more.

I love the New Year so much that for some crazy reason I thought everyone else did too. To my surprise some of you dislike the New Year. Whhhaaaattt?!

I received a handful of emails asking for advice on how to handle all the goal setting, manifesting, and resolution making that is supposed to happen this time of year.

Then it hit me; I once too did not really care much for the New Year. As far as I was concerned, it was just another day full of empty promises that I never intended on keeping and manifestations I suspected would never happen.

So how did I go from dreading this special time to absolutely falling head over heels with it?

The answer is simple. I came up with a ritual that has helped me attain my deepest desires.

You guessed it, a vision board.

This year will mark my fourth year making a vision board and it seems as though I get better and better at creating a vision board each year. Yep, I am perfecting the craft.

There are a lot of vision board haters out there giving the practice a bad rep because they haven’t used this tool the in an effective way. Of course, a vision board isn’t just about gluing a bunch of cool pics together on a piece of cardboard and letting it collect dust in the back of your closet for the next years (although the simple act of creating the vision board itself holds tons of power).

A vision board helps keep you centered if you do it right. It can guide all your actions. Most importantly, it will push you to work for what you want. Let’s not forget about the divine intervention that can come with it as well.

Over the years I have created a special formula that has helped me:

  •  Find true love
  •  Get fit and stay fit
  •  Double my income
  •  Face my fear of public speaking and make money doing it
  •  Live in the Caribbean
  •  Eat healthy and become vegetarian
  •  Quit my worst habits (drinking included) and replace them with healthy habits
  •  Travel to my favorite destinations worldwide

I can go on and on but you get the point. So if you hate New Years and all the resolutions that come with it, I invite you to try the formula I have been spent the last three years perfecting.

Will it require work? Absolutely. Is this magic? Yes and no. Will you have to stay committed? Of course. Will you end 2015 having accomplished what you set out to do? It all depends on you.

If you are dying to know the formula that has helped me attain my deepest desires, stay tuned for my next post. You will learn it all for FREE!

For now check out how my friend Christian Vera and I manifested our desires last year by creating an effective vision board. This will get your juices flowing.


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