Hi, I am Sol! Ready to get unstuck and start moving forward in a meaningful way? You probably landed here because you feel stuck in the cycle of putting in work and not getting the results that you would want. You feel stuck and and deep down you know that if you don't do something about your situation, you will forever stay where you are.

I know this because not only have I been there myself, but helped many others through the same situation. I'm here to tell you that there's nothing you can't overcome. All you need is guidance in the right direction.

My 'Call That Will Change It All' is designed to help you through blocks such as:

  • Feeling like you have something amazing to offer but you're suck at marketing and putting yourself out there
  • Lacking the confidence & clarity to take action
  • Unsure if what you have to offer is "good enough"
  • Don't know the next step to take
  • Having fear of rejection with your services
  • Feeling scared to sell or promote your work
  • OR any other feel or block you may be facing

In our call we'll get exactly what you need. You will know in your heart that your gifts are valuable beyond measure and needed by the world. You will be able to keep going, keep pitching, and keep showing up confidently and deliberately. We won't hang up until you feel like you can trust yourself and the process.

I cannot wait to get started. xo, Sol

Why work with me?

  • Meaningful Progress

    When we work together we will discover your “blindspots” that are holding you back from achieving your goals so that you start making progress that matters. We will then form a strategic plan and create steps that will get you moving towards your goals all while focusing on your present inner-peace and happiness.

  • Crystal Clear Clarity

    When setting goals and attaining your desires things sometimes get fussy. I will be your guide as you discover what is important to you and together we will get crystal clear on where it is you are going so that you achieve results that make you feel happy and excited about life.

  • Access to the Tool Box

    To make radical shifts, you will be given access to most helpful tools and techniques that will help you feel better now and propel you forward into a beautiful yet magical direction. Some of these tools are new cutting edge psychology tips while others are as old as time- regardless I will chose them wisely according to your needs.

  • Guaranteed Trust

    I know that talking to a life coach about your life’s major challenges can be intimidating at first so I want to assure you that you are safe with me. When we work together you can be assured of being in a space of love, a judgement-free zone, and you are promised a 100% confidentiality.

  • Time For You

    Long are the days when you’re wanting to be heard or to find someone who understands you. When we work together, my job is to make sure we discuss all your challenges and concerns and find ways to move past them. This is sacred time in which you are the main focus and your progress and well being is of the utmost importance.

  • Increased Sense of Well-Being

    Investing in yourself is taking a giant leap forward towards your goals. When we work together you will start taking baby steps forward which will give you the momentum you need to take on bigger challenges and goals. Happiness happens when you are making progress towards the things that matter so you will shortly begin to feel increased feelings of well-being, joy, and hope

For the longest time I struggled with my weight. I tried all the diets and the attempted the workouts but nothing seemed to stick. I was over 100 lbs. overweight and felt like I was never going to get to my ideal weight ever again. I feared that thing would only get worse and I felt like I had nowhere to turn. I remember telling the universe that I was ready to commit to change if it could only send me the right guidance.  Then I met Sol.  Through my sessions with her I learned that before I could tackle my weight issue, I needed to "reset my mindset" as she calls it. She was right. Before long I was following my gym routine and was even excited about eating healthier. Imagine that? I have lost 83 lbs and counting. I call Sol up anytime I hit a roadblock and she helps me get clear about where I am going again. My only regret is not meeting her before!

- Elissa W. , Esthetician

Will We Work Well Together?

We will work well together if...

You like to take action on what you say you are going to do

You understand that the best investment you can make is in yourself

You are open to new ideas and ways of thinking

You are ready to make significant changes in life

You understand that you are responsible for your life

You have set goals you want to achieve and are open about how you will achieve them

You should close this webpage if...

You hate taking action towards your dreams

You don't like to invest in your dreams or in yourself even if it means moving forward

You don't like thinking outside of the box

You like your comfort zone

You like to blame others for what is happening in your life

You have no idea what you want to accomplish or what you want out of life

Sol was there for me in the darkest of my moments.  I remember quitting my job to teach yoga and fitness full time and freaking out about how I was going to make it happen. I didn't know how I was going to pay my bills for the next six months but I had just enough to hire Sol and something told me I had to do it.  Let's just say it was the best decision I've made in the last few years next to quitting my daunting job. After my first session with Sol I felt a ray of hope and knew things would be okay. Today, I am able to say I can live my dream of being a full time fitness instructor and get paid to do it! Never been happier!

- Jamie K. , Fitness Instructor

What is the investment?