How to Move Forward When You Feel Stuck in Your Goals & Dreams

How to start moving forward and get un-stuck


It’s Motivational Monday! I put together a little something to light some fire under your booty this week answering the age old question:   

“How do I get un-stuck and moving forward with my dreams?” 

I get this question a ton. I thought it’d be wise to dedicate a video to it. 

I get this this question a ton. I thought it would be wise to dedicate a video to it. “How do I get un-stuck and moving forward?” “How do I know what step to take next”?  and so on and so on.

It’s my personal mission to get you up and moving towards what lights your soul on fire this year- so brace yourself- life-altering content awaits!

After watching the video you will:

  • know what you need to focus on to LEAP FORWARD and feel fulfilled!

  • understand why you MUST obey your heart’s desires and do the work you came into this world to do!

  • know where to find INSPIRATION that will get your butt moving towards your dreams!

Leave a comment and let me know what ACTION you’re going to take next to get you moving onwards and upwards.

Because comments are cool and people who leave them are even cooler.

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by: Sol Ballard

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