How NOT to give up on your dreams


Neeeeeww Vloooooog!

So it’s here. A motivational vlog about NOT giving up.

I loooove making these for those times you don’t feel worthy of your dreams.

For the times you feel like you don’t deserve the money. Or the attention. Or the success.

I can be the first to raise my hand and say that I’ve sooo been there.

I can attest that there were times were I just couldn’t see it happening.

And hey, it can be so ridiculously easy to go there BUT it’s also be ridiculously easy to say to yourself, “Wait-hold up not going there today, tomorrow, or ever.”  

Because it’s almost like we’ve made it a habit to want to quit.

A habit to give up on ourselves and the work we came into this world to do.

So that’s why I made this video.

I made it so you can see how you’re using your energy.

And how to regain back your power!

( Warning this video is 2.5 minutes of CRAZY high-energy!)

So I love to chat about this stuff. I live for it. Tell me in the comments what dreams you refuse to give up on? I wanna know.

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