Go Deeper So You Can Rise Higher

"Go deeper so you can rise higher".

We’re the words that I used to describe the series I’m currently working on when I was asked by woman who attended the sound healing class (@remedythesoul) we shot yesterday.

Go deeper so you can rise higher.

These words stringed together sum up my professional work as well my own personal+ spiritual work.

The work that guided me out of the self-destructive reality I created for myself years back.

The same work that then guided me into my then dream of acting and modeling.

And the same work that guided me out of imposter syndrome and perfectionism when I shifted in mindset coaching.

Each time, I went deeper so I could rise higher.

I dove into the depths of my soul, past the fear, and through the doubt.

I remembered who the eff I am and what I came into this world to do.

I sifted and shifted through emotions- and fortified my mindset.

Every time life called me to level up- I went deeper so I could rise higher.

And I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

As the girl who started from the negatives and has risen far beyond what anyone expected- I can attest that you must go deeper to rise higher.

It is in the depths of our being that true meaningful change can be created.

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