Failure Is What You Make Of It

Everybody dies but not everybody lives

by Sol Ballard

The fear of failing has to be the top fear in fear history.  The fear of failing paralyses more people than failing itself that’s how intense it can be.

Sadly, many people don’t follow their dreams or refine their talents because they are scared of failing. There is that “what if i don’t make it?” question dominating their mind.

They stay put in their comfort zone that isn’t really comfortable at all.  The comfort zone is an illusion. It makes you believe you are safe but in reality all it is doing is holding you back from what you were really meant to do- shine!

Good news is, if you learn how to fail like a pro you will probably never fear failing again. On there other hand, you will want to fail so that you can gain the insight you are about to learn.

Failure is what you make of it. Pro’s see failure as feedback. They don’t see it as not being good enough, or a sign to quit, or that they will never make it. They see feedback.  They did something and it didn’t work out so that only means two things. Either they need to improve or they need to try something else.

See there is so much to learn from failure.  When we fail we get to see what doesn’t work that way we can focus on other on trying new things to see what does work. We get to gauge where we are and see how much room we have to grow. We get to see where all of our areas of opportunities are and know where to focus.

Once we experience failure, really experience it and see it for what it is, there is nothing that we can fear. We faced our biggest fear and we come out alive and realize there is nothing to be scared of anymore. We come to terms that failing and the fear of it was just an illusion.

We come back stronger. We go harder. We step up our game because fear of failing is not a thing that is going to boss us around any more.

Make failure your ally. Make failure work for you. Use it as a tool for growth not a tool for destruction. Failing can be our best teacher or our worst enemy depending on how we approach it.

Aside from all of that, don’t forget to live a little.  Life is for the living. Take risks. Be alive. Face your fears. Be scared but keep moving anyway. Go big or go home.

As Drake says:

Everybody dies but not everybody lives

Don’t let fear paralyze, let it motivate you. In NLP we teach that emotions are just energy and the emotion holder decides how to label that energy. Decided to label the feeling of fear as motivation or excitement and let me know what happens.

Tell me in the comments below how you’ve overcome a fear in the past or what fear you are planning on overcoming in the future. I’d love to get the conversation started!



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