This is Exactly How I Created My Perfect Day

So there I was, I had this giant blank canvas in front of me and on my easel, is a wide-array of paint in different colors. So beautifully and eloquently I orchestrated the most inspiring moment in my mind of something that my heart truly believed in. I picked up the brush, and began to paint it.

With each stroke, I added a very sacred meaning to the overall imagery. Each color represented a different emotion. In this sanctified instant, only love was present.

When I completed my creation, I took a step back and admired my masterpiece- it was the most beautiful painting I had ever seen in my life.

That is exactly how I created my Perfect Day.

Metaphorically of course, because oh come on, let’s face it- I can’t paint. On my defense, that is how it would’ve been like, if I had the god-given talent of painting. Just saying.

Ok so back to what you came here for, your Perfect Day preparation.

Perfect Day Journal


What You Will Need: a pen, a notebook, ability to write, ability to imagine, ability to let go of judgment, ability to tell fear to go F it’s self (in a nice way), and the ability to think BIG.

What You Won’t Need: negativity in any shape or form i.e. desperation, ill intensions, and so on.

What you will do: You my friend, will wake up every morning and without skipping a beat you will grab your notebook and your pen and you will begin to some free style writing. You will write out a Perfect Day aka A Living Vision. You will be detailed and creative. Your pen will need to describe everything about your Perfect Day. What time do you wake up in the morning? Who is sleeping next to you? What is the first thing you do? What does your house smell like? Sound like? Where do you go throughout your day? Who do you talk to? What project(s) are you working on? What do you eat? Okay, I think you get it. Oh and you will also do this right before bed.

Write out your dream life without judging or filtering yourself- remember this is your masterpiece! Assume you have a magic genie that will be processing all your requests as soon as you have written them down. Give yourself time to write it all down without rushing.

What You Will Feel: As you write all of this down make sure you really feel all that you are requesting. For example, if you write down that you are spending your evening with on a romantic date with your partner, as you write, feel the love you’d be receiving, the love that you would be giving, how supported you feel in that moment, feel how attractive you look, and so on. As you write, feel as if you are already in the moment you’re writing about. The moment you long for is happening simultaneously with your writing. Your creative imagination and ability to fully feel emotions is EXTREMELY crucial here. OWN THE MOMENT as if it is already yours! Feel it fully, deeply, and passionately.

What You’ll Remember: to think BIG. When I first worked on this assignment, I went all out, which explains the whole living in the Caribbean thing. There is no time for playing small, not even in your dreams.

Finally, do not underestimate, the POWER of this assignment. To be honest I kinda did the first time I wrote my Perfect Day down. If it wasn’t because I was paying my life coach a good amount of $$ weekly I may have not continued with it. Whew!

You may be wondering, is this purely magic? To which I will answer yes and no. I will see you next week to explain exactly how this assignment works!

Get writing! There will be more tips and techniques for this assignment to come! I will answer questions about how long you should wait for your dream life to come true and how to start living your Perfect Day now, so stay tuned.





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