Embracing Uncertainty After Quarantine

how to embrace uncertainty

Seriously 2020 has been the biggest rollercoaster year I have ever experienced.

I’ve had a mantra for this whole uncertain coronavirus situation. 

On IG you may have heard me preach that: “You are responsible for the reality you experience”. 

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend when I realized a powerful truth you are already living in your every day life that once you realize it, you will be able to use it more consciously get by the uncertainty of our times. 

Watch this video to feel more at ease embracing uncertainty: 

Watch the video here: 

Let’s talk about it, tell me what ya think in the comments below the video. 

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I’m grateful I get to share this amazing life journey with you and I honor you for doing the work. 

Sending you all the love,

Sol Ballard

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