How-to Create Your Own Morning Ritual

by Sol Ballard


Since that dreamy life you have imagined is composed of beautiful units called days, then it is crucial to make every single day of your life the best day of your life, agree?

So glad that you do!

What you do when you wake-up first thing in the AM is a precursor for the rest of your day. A morning ritual can really make your day if you commit to it.  I must tell you that my personal morning ritual is my favorite part of my day because it is a time dedicated just for me and my well-being.

Here’s how to you can create your own morning ritual,  on the graphic below pick up to 3 activities you would enjoy committing to every morning.  They are separated into Mind, Body, and Spirit categories so try to pick one from each column.  Once you have picked out your faves fully commit to them and watch your life get more and more amazing.

Build Your Own Morning Ritual


I’ve also created a downloadable PDF for you to print and check mark!  Build Your Own Morning Ritual PDF- Download


Read something inspirational-  This will help keep your beautiful mind open to possibility and positivity.

Set a goal for the day- Keeps your sights high and your eye on the prize.

Journal your thoughts- Very therapeutic if you ask me. 🙂

Repeat and affirmation or mantra– Confirms that all your awesomeness is true.

Drink H2O + Apple Cider Vinegar- Helps detox, aids in weightless, balances inner body system, removes teeth stains… list goes on and on.

Drink warm H2O + Lemon- Rehydrates your system after losing lots of water through sweat while catching Zzzzs.

Drink a healthy green smoothie-  Nourishes the body while boosting your energy.

Eat a light healthy breakfast- Fuel and nutrition + sets a healthy tone for the rest of your day.

Establish your own: stretch, yoga,  exercise, breathing, or meditation practice- Good for the mind, body and soul. Get in tune with your body and the Universe around you.  Timing is up to you- whatever feels right!

Shower alternating between icy cold and water- great for the lymphatic system and makes you feel awesome.

Things that Can Break Your Day

Your morning ritual should be sacred and should be treated as such since this is where you will gather your strength for the rest of your day. So you should avoid the following before or during your ritual:

  • Reading and responding to emails
  • Catching up on social media
  • Reading the news
  • Coffee
  • Heavy or greasy breakfast

There you have it! You are now well equipped to have an awesome day everyday.  Remember to stick to no more than three activities so that you have time to focus on them and stay committed.  If you would like to add a ritual of your own then go right ahead, these are simply suggestions to get you inspired.

I’d love to hear your comments or feedback below!

Tons of love,



  • Marissa

    Reply Reply July 31, 2014

    This blog came in just in time! Just this morning I yelled in my car, I HATE MORNINGS!!! Lol. Now I’m motivated to try a different approach, thanks! ♥

    • solballard

      Reply Reply August 1, 2014

      Yay, Marissa! Honestly having a morning ritual will change the way you look at mornings. You might have to wake up a little bit earlier but you will find how great you feel (not just in the a.m. but the whole day) when you do them!

  • quetoqua

    Reply Reply August 3, 2014

    Hi Sol! The first thing I do in the morning is kissing my girlfriend! I do it each and every single day as soon as I wake up, and before I actually get up!
    I then vary all the mind, body and spirit “rituals” depending on my mood, but I’ll make sure I’ll pick one of those you suggested us starting tomorrow morning!
    Thanks for the tips Sol! We want more!!

    • solballard

      Reply Reply August 4, 2014

      Well what a sweet boyfriend you are! Creating your own rituals is great as well. Anything to get your body, mind, and spirit feeling great is good. Stay tuned more tips to come.


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