Manifest Desires With This Habit

So funny story: WhenI first started preaching personal development from the mountaintops  I desperately wanted to help simplify people’s lives in every way possible. I believed there was life hack for everything.  I wanted to was trying to help people with health and fitness, give book recommendations, and help people reach their dreams.  If you have been on…

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Reach Goals With This Mind Hack

Hands down, this hack has been my saving grace.  Here’s one thing I know for sure- the Universe wants you to succeed.  The odds are on your favor more than you know. It’s a done freakin deal.  That part is not up to you. What IS up to you, however, is your end of the deal. You gotta meet…

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Manifest 10x Faster

manifest faster sol ballard

New Vlog is here! New Vlog is here! New Vlog is here! Fair warning I went to town on this how to Manifest 10x Faster video. This message is the core of what I do. I have a HUGE spot in my heart for manifestation. But before you rush to press play I must be…

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3 Mindsets to Stop Caring What Others Think (When Chasing Your Dreams)

Stop Caring About What Others Think

If you’re scared to hit full speed on your dreams because you care too much about what people think you’re not alone, I hear this A LOT! In this week’s video I’m going to show you how to psychologically get yourself to stop caring what others think when pursuing your dreams. By the time you’re…

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How NOT to give up on your dreams


Neeeeeww Vloooooog! So it’s here. A motivational vlog about NOT giving up. I loooove making these for those times you don’t feel worthy of your dreams. For the times you feel like you don’t deserve the money. Or the attention. Or the success. I can be the first to raise my hand and say that…

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