2 Stunning Mind Tips to Get Fit- Or Reach Any Goal at Record Speed

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You might’ve been casually scrolling down your Instagram feed when your thumb came to a screeching halt at the sight of a pic of me posing shamelessly in a skimpy bikini in the Caribbean somewhere recently. No, my account hasn’t been hacked and no, all my disrobed photos haven’t been spread all over social media…

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Do your finances make you want to pull your hair out? Follow these tips instead.

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The past few months you have been lying awake way past your bedtime stressing out about money. You spend most of your days walking around like a zombie from Walking Dead due to lack of sleep and loads of stress because you’re not sure if you’re next paycheck is going to be enough to maintain…

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A Choice You Should Be Making to Be Who You Want to Be

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Well hello there, I want to be the most mediocre person on this planet, said no one ever. While scrolling down your Instagram feed and you are stunned by all the colorful snapshots of all the strangers and a handful of friends that you follow who are all doing amazing things with their lives. You…

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The Self-Doubters 3-Step Guide to Banishing Self-Doubt

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I was excited for my first international speaking presentation ever and at the same time I was shaking in boots. I’d been invited to be on a panel of young entrepreneur speakers here in the Bahamas and let’s just say I kinda freaked out. What if they think I am weird? What if they hate…

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Boost Your Mood in 5 Minutes While You Shower!

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If there was a magic reset button we could press whenever we are feeling anxiety, depression, lethargy or any other low energy vibe, I’d be all for it. We all would, right? See, whatever is going  on in your mind you invite into your physical realm so it wouldn’t take me long to realize that…

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Are your insecurities holding you back? It’s time to shine!

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The other day I received an email from a nice young lady that moved me so much I had to dedicate an entire vlog just for her. Here it goes:  Hey Sol,  I found you on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I am very inspired by your all your posts.  You seem to…

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How to Stop Waking Up In Jail Cells and Start Waking Up in Paradise

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I used to wakeup in jail cells now I wake up in paradise. Physically and Mentally.

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