Why You Should Drop Your New Years Resolutions

YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH, just as you are. I wanted to start 2016 making sure that you understood that. I honor you in this crazy prosperity path that you have chosen so please understand this.  If your inbox looks anything like mine the past couple of months, it’s bombarded with GOALS everything. A bunch…

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TV Host Christian Vera Talks the Mindset of Living Your Dreams on solballardtv!

Vera Interview on solballard

Sooo I’m like a teenage girl at a Justin Biebs concert today because I’m super ridiculously excited about introducing you to my special guest on solballardtv! You might recognize her from the national syndicated TV Show she co-hosts called Right This Minute, you might’ve  even seen her on E! News, or you might remember her as…

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What to Do When Life Doesn’t Seem to Go Your Way

So you know the mental roadmap of your life? The one with all the assumptions of where you should be by 30 and what you should achieve by 40?  Yeah that one. That thing used to deceive me too. It was extremely convincing with it’s vivid imagery of how my life was supposed to be.…

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This Spooky Halloween Story Helped Me Get A Grip On Fear

This story helped me get a grip on fear.

I used to be DEATHLY afraid of Halloween haunted houses. Like shakin’ in my boots, peeing in my pants, crying for my mom, afraid. I avoided them at ALL costs. Then something happened that INSTANTLY cured my fright. About four years ago, one of my bff’s Marco some how managed to convince me to go…

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Not Feeling Like a Natural In the Pursuit of Your Goals & Dreams?

So you’re on the pursuit of your big bold goals and dreams. You’re doing all the right things. Putting in the right amount of energy. Doing everything our mentors tell you to do.  Yet, you don’t seem to be making progress. Worse yet, you’re not a natural. You struggle to get better while it seems…

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