How I Lost My Mind and Regained It

The day I lost it all was February 12th 2015. Yes, just over a week ago tragedy struck. The Universe hit me with all its might. I sunk to my knees and screamed at the heavens, “Whyyyy?!” off the top my lungs. It wasn’t fair. All of life just didn’t seem fair.

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Failure Is What You Make Of It

Everybody dies but not everybody lives

by Sol Ballard The fear of failing has to be the top fear in fear history.  The fear of failing paralyses more people than failing itself that’s how intense it can be.

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How to Heal Emotional Wounds Faster

I experienced a major breakthrough the weekend I spent getting my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Certification.  I spent most of it eagerly writing down all the valuable knowledge that my trainer had to convey. When the trainer asked the audience an important question, something told me to stop writing and to listen.

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5 Steps Towards Forgiving Yourself

by Sol Ballard | Follow on Instagram @solballard So you effed up big time. You can’t stop thinking about the damage that you may have caused. Maybe you are even beating yourself up about it on the daily.

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Sol's Birthday blowing out my candles.

by Sol Ballard | Follow on Instagram So it is almost my birthday and it is the last year of my twenties so it has really got me thinking…

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