This Spooky Halloween Story Helped Me Get A Grip On Fear

This story helped me get a grip on fear.

I used to be DEATHLY afraid of Halloween haunted houses. Like shakin’ in my boots, peeing in my pants, crying for my mom, afraid. I avoided them at ALL costs. Then something happened that INSTANTLY cured my fright. About four years ago, one of my bff’s Marco some how managed to convince me to go…

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Not Feeling Like a Natural In the Pursuit of Your Goals & Dreams?

So you’re on the pursuit of your big bold goals and dreams. You’re doing all the right things. Putting in the right amount of energy. Doing everything our mentors tell you to do.  Yet, you don’t seem to be making progress. Worse yet, you’re not a natural. You struggle to get better while it seems…

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Feel Like Giving Up on Your Dreams? Get a load of this.

Congratulations to SaRah, Brenda B., Cindy A. for winning last weeks’s all natural skincare products giveaway! These are women with some powerful goals. She was riding on the Subway tears rolling down her face. With her bank account depleting by the moment, she decided to quit on her dreams. “This is it, I’m done,” she…

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All Natural Skin Care Products Giveaway! Because I love you.

natural skin care products

Super exciting news super exciting news! I am doing my first giveaway to all the lovely goal diggers subscribed to my newsletter. And omg you are going to effin love it! Some of you have been with me since I was just a girl with a dream who shared her valuable life lessons on this blog…

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2 Stunning Mind Tips to Get Fit- Or Reach Any Goal at Record Speed

You might’ve been casually scrolling down your Instagram feed when your thumb came to a screeching halt at the sight of a pic of me posing shamelessly in a skimpy bikini in the Caribbean somewhere recently. No, my account hasn’t been hacked and no, all my disrobed photos haven’t been spread all over social media…

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