Help! I don’t have control over my goals and dreams!!

Stressed. Frustrated. Anguished. Alone. Worthless. Those are some feelings that can arise when you can’t seem to get it together and do the work you came into this world to do. Today’s motivational vlog is for all you aspiring light workers. It’s for the times when you feel that you don’t have control over your…

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Snap Out of Lack and Shift into Abundance Instantly with this ONE Simple Reminder

snap from lack to abundance instantly

Sooooooo, six months ago I lost my damn mind! Seriously, I was all caught up in lack when it came to my business. Straight up crazy lady status, (you know what I’m talking about) feeling like everything I had wasn’t enough. Like I wasn’t being supported by the Universe. Like I needed more, more, and…

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The Best Way to Out Smart Your Comfort Zone + Bypass the Anxiety of Taking Action

get out of your comfort zone

Feeling pretty comfy these days?             You in your comfort zone.   You out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone can be all sorts of warm and snuggly but: it’s not turning any heads its far from sexy there’s zero challenge involved it’s getting you nowhere it’s robbing you from…

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How to: Have No Shame in Your Work When You’re Just Starting Out

Have no shame in your work

The shame. The non-stop mental drama. The paralyzing fear. The sleepless nights. How in the world are you supposed to get your work out there if you can’t get past your insecurities of it being judged? Or bashed? Or worse…. Ignored! (Dramatic music plays.) This is common fear for those who are just starting out…

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How to Move Forward When You Feel Stuck in Your Goals & Dreams

How to start moving forward and get un-stuck

Hiii! It’s Motivational Monday! I put together a little something to light some fire under your booty this week answering the age old question:    “How do I get un-stuck and moving forward with my dreams?”  I get this question a ton. I thought it’d be wise to dedicate a video to it.  I get this this…

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