Remove Emotions Keeping You Stuck!

remove stuck emotions

I was STUNNED when I first found this out… I was stunned when I first found this out. Negative emotions like anxiety and depression can get *physically* stuck in the body. It’s crazy to think that we’re carrying these emotions around— since birth! Years and years of drama just weighing us down. Stuck emotions in…

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How to Journal to Manifest Success

journal to manifest success

I’m a big believer that our free will means that we hold the power to create our own reality. I believe with every fiber of my being that with deliberate focus we can bring about our wildest dreams to life. I hold this in my heart to be true. I’ve witnessed this to be true…

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4 Secret Mindset Shifts to Overcome Business Procrastination

Hiii friend, Are there dreaded things that you need to do in your business but you rather pull out all of your eyelashes one by one before doing them? Okay, what I am really asking here is if you PROCRASTINATE when you can, however you can, as long as you possibly can? Don’t feel bad…

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Help! I don’t have control over my goals and dreams!!

Stressed. Frustrated. Anguished. Alone. Worthless. Those are some feelings that can arise when you can’t seem to get it together and do the work you came into this world to do. Today’s motivational vlog is for all you aspiring light workers. It’s for the times when you feel that you don’t have control over your…

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Snap Out of Lack and Shift into Abundance Instantly with this ONE Simple Reminder

snap from lack to abundance instantly

Sooooooo, six months ago I lost my damn mind! Seriously, I was all caught up in lack when it came to my business. Straight up crazy lady status, (you know what I’m talking about) feeling like everything I had wasn’t enough. Like I wasn’t being supported by the Universe. Like I needed more, more, and…

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