Are your insecurities holding you back? It’s time to shine!

The other day I received an email from a nice young lady that moved me so much I had to dedicate an entire vlog just for her.

Here it goes: 

Hey Sol, 

I found you on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I am very inspired by your all your posts.  You seem to be very passionate about helping others feel great about their life and themselves that I thought maybe you could help me. 

I am feeling a little embarrassed about my situation. I am 27 years old and I feel insecure about the way that I am that it makes it hard to be around new people. I know it seems like a teenage problem but I can’t seem to shake it off. I sometimes feel worthless and I wish I was someone else.  Please help! 


* name has been changed 

This email hit close to home because it reminded me of my troubled days when I didn’t want to be myself.  

No, I don’t believe this is a “teenage problem” this is a Universal problem. 

I believe that to a certain degree we are ALL aren’t being ourselves and living to our full potential.  

Maybe we are scared of what others might think of us if we follow our dreams.

Or we are scared of what others say if they knew something about our past. 

Whatever the reason is, we are holding ourselves back. 

To that I say, Allow Yourself to Shine! 

 I dedicated this video to Jenny and anyone else who hasn’t allowed themselves to be who they really are.

Allowing yourself to shine may seem hard at first but only because it is new.  It might feel uncomfortable because you are gearing up for a higher level of existence. Your true power. 

Be you. The world will have to adjust. 

Bonus tip: When you are you- you are way hotter. 



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