receive and inspirational note


Going through a rough time in your life? Are you in need of a friend? Someone on your side? Do you need to be guided into the right direction? Do you need inspiration because you feel that you can’t find it on your own right now? Perhaps you are already happy and need a cheerleader to cheer you on.  You need to keep the great energy moving.

Whatever it is I am on your side, sistah! (or mistah!)

You are unique, creative, complex, beautiful, and intriguing. You have so much to share with the world.  It doesn’t matter whether you feel it or not, you my beautiful friend are fascinating beyond belief. No matter what you have felt or been told before you truly are amazing.  Whether you know it or not you are incredibly special and you posses such a beautiful mind and a rich soul.  Regardless of where you have been or what you have done you are worthy of having the moon if you so desired.

I am here to remind you of what a powerhouse you are… Of how magnificent your presence is in this world. Life is the most scariest, beautiful, fearful, amazing, hard, joyful, interesting, magnificent, hurtful, loving, roller coaster you are riding.  No matter how high the highs are or how low the lows are, I have made a commitment to stand by you.

Send me an email at telling me what you are going through. I would be honored to send you an inspirational note full of love and hope!


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