5 Easy Steps to Make Your Vision Board Work for You this Year

by Sol Ballard | Follow on Instagram

We’ve all done it before. We’ve set ourselves up for failure by making New Year resolutions that are just too overwhelming to keep.

Here’s the thing, far too easy to make plans than to maintain them. Sure, dreaming of the end result of losing 15 pounds is nice, but if you don’t set a plan in motion on how you are going to take action to get what you want, then you are S.OL.

As a NLP Practitioner (aka brain hacking ninja), I know that better thinking equals better results. NLP is the study of results and a major way to get desired results is to have strategy.

Lucky for you, I prepared a strategy for you to use in conjunction with your vision board this year. Ok I fibbed a little, this strategy wasn’t something that I just sat down and came up with- it’s so much more than that.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have worked at this for the last three years. I have combined my NLP chops with my spirituality teachings and expert advice to come up with this. Although you would never guess so because the steps are so easy to implement that even a monkey can do can do it.

I worked up the plan now all you have to do is do the work.

Part one of the video is creating a digital vision board, which I created last year. You can find it here.

In this video I give you five easy steps to make your vision board work for you this year.


Tons of love,


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