4 Secret Mindset Shifts to Overcome Business Procrastination

Hiii friend,

Are there dreaded things that you need to do in your business but you rather pull out all of your eyelashes one by one before doing them?

Okay, what I am really asking here is if you PROCRASTINATE when you can, however you can, as long as you possibly can?

Don’t feel bad if you do.

I got some pretty divine Jedi mind trick – like mindset shifts to get you from “I’m just idling my life way and waisting valuable time” to “OMG I can’t stop getting important “shit” done!”

It’s all in the video below!

Did you dig it?! Let me know which parts resonated with you most in the comments!!!

Love you tons,



  • Timothy E Sharp

    Reply Reply October 16, 2018

    Thank you for the message… good as always! I’ve never had a work-ethic problem… I typically work 7-days per week (entrepreneur spirit) and between my regular job and the side gig I hope to turn into my new vocation, I often work 12-hour per day, though mingle in time with the kiddos and other responsibilities throughout the day. My WHY is pretty big, so that helps keep me going!

    • solballard

      Reply Reply October 18, 2018

      Whoa! I love that. I struggled for awhile and found out it was a combination of things. But once I pinpointed everything took off! I would love to know what keeps you going and going!

  • Timothy E Sharp

    Reply Reply October 18, 2018

    1. My WHY.
    2. My dreams and ambitions.
    3. I have a responsibility to my present employer (sales, project management and marketing in the environmental services industry) to produce.
    4. I have a responsibility to those who look to me for provision, to provide.
    5. I have paid the price since 1995 in the technical analysis arena, and it would be foolish to through it away because it’s too hard to keep paying my dues.

    There are five quick reasons.

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