3 Mindsets to Stop Caring What Others Think (When Chasing Your Dreams)

Stop Caring About What Others Think

If you’re scared to hit full speed on your dreams because you care too much about what people think you’re not alone, I hear this A LOT!

In this week’s video I’m going to show you how to psychologically get yourself to stop caring what others think when pursuing your dreams.

By the time you’re done watching you’ll adopt TWO mindsets and a crazy powerful technique that dives deep into the psychology of your mind and helps you remove intimidation forever.

Watch the video to get the tips!

My heart hopes that this video served you.

I’d love to hear any obstacles you’ve had with caring what others think and how you’ve dealt with them. Let’s chat in the comments below!


So I hear this A LOT!

"I wanna start a business but I'm scared of what my mom might think."


"I don't post on social media what I really want because I'm terrified my co worker will make fun of me."

Listen I hear that because I've been there myself. When I first started I was terrified to put myself out there.

I would literally lose sleep worrying about what others would think.

And it would stop me from doing the work I was meant to be doing in this world.

My mission now is to give you the tools you need so that you align with what you're meant for in this physical realm.

I'm a firm believer that if we become more conscious about our fears and gracefully shift them we can become unstoppable.

Which is why I'm sharing THREE tools that'll not only change the way you see those who intimidate you to pursue your dreams but will dramatically change your actions propelling towards your goals and dreams.

Mindset #1: Focus on your gift to the world

Your dreams. Your goals. You're business. That's your life's work.

It's your gift to the world. And no one can take that away from you. You can only take it away from yourself.

What the world needs from you is to be a vehicle for your gifts. An instrument. And the responsibility to bring about your gifts wouldn't have been bestowed upon you if you were too inferior to others to carry your dreams out.

Or if you weren't good enough. Or not smart enough. Talented enough.

You have too much to give to focus on what you perceive to be inferiorities. You have too much to give to focus on who's watching you and what they'll think.

Shift your mindset. Shift you energy. Place your focus on the work you're placed in this world to do. On how your gifts will uplift others. On how much you're talent is needed.  

When your need to serve with your gifts becomes your main focus, those people that intimidate you will become blurred out images in the background.

Your confidence will increase because your purpose has expanded. And when your purpose expands you become a force that is unstoppable.  

Mindset #2: Tune into the intimidator

I can already hearing you saying:

"Sol you just said.... to focus on my gifts and the people who intimidate me will become blurred out images in the background..."

I don't want you to get the idea that you just need to ignore and deny your anxiety over what people will think.

The purpose of the first mindset is to prioritize what's important and where you're energy should flow.

The purpose of this mindset is to not make it about you.

We can't ignore the root of the problem- that there's someone out there that intimidates you. Intimates you enough to stop you from spreading your gifts.

And we want to make sure you're never intimidated by them again.

So I want you to tune in to your worries about them, tune into the anxiety surrounding that person. And realize their image as a reflection of your own.

They are people just like you. Like you they have insecurities. Like you they need love. Like you they aren't perfect. Like you, they struggle. They have insecurities. Underneath that intimidating exterior, lies a perfectly imperfect human being.

They're not above you. They're not better than you. They're people just like you.

Send them love. Assume love back.

Shift out of the old energetic connection and reconnect with peace.

Powerful Brain- RewiringTechnique

I call this Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique the "Change the Picture" technique. It dives deep into the psychology of your mind and rewires your brain to lessen the gravity of caring of what others think of you.

How you perceive that person is your internal representation of them. It's your reality regarding that person. And since we can't change people so that YOU don't feel intimidated we must change our internal representation of that person.

  1. Bring the intimidating person to mind. Think of what it is about them that's intimidating to you about them. Whether it's an expression what they say. Bring your attention to how it makes you feel.
  2. Adjust their face to make it comical. Add big ears a big nose. Make your mental picture of that person smaller. Make it blurry. Now add a funny voice. 
  3. Open your eyes. How do you feel about that person now?

This is  about switching your reality surrounding the person whose thoughts really matter to you so that you get your power back and get back on track.

It sounds super simple but this technique is INCREDIBLY potent.

Because as we know, when we look at things differently the things we look at change.

If you are into elevating yourself psychologically and nurturing yourself spiritually to do the work you came into this world to do you should download my Bring Your Dreams To Life Faster Journaling Kit- where you'll blast through fears, manifest desires and WAY more.


  • Timothy E Sharp

    Reply Reply October 15, 2018

    Thankfully, I grew past this problem a long time ago… in my work, I go out on a limb nearly everyday in trying to forecast trends and prices, so I have to trust in myself and not even think about my naysayers… excellent lesson!

    • solballard

      Reply Reply October 18, 2018

      It’s so amazing once you get to this point. Where only your goal and your performance matter. The naysayers can sit and watch from the sidelines as you do what you want do best!

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