23 Proven Ways to Snap Out of a Bad Mood

The past few weeks have been crappy. Correction: Had been crappy. Needless to say I was not in the best of moods.

I felt that the whole Universe had conspired against me to make me insanely miserable. (Clearly I was becoming delusional.)

Before throwing myself a self-pity party I decided to put a master plan into action.

It worked like a charm so I decided to pass it on to you for those gloomy days when you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is my recommended list of proven things (some I tried and others I am saving for later) you need to implement in your life to get back to your cheerful self when things are less than bubbly:

1. Change your routine. I did things out of order each day to spice things up. Take a different route to work or go different coffee shop to change things around.

2. Journal, Journal, and oh yeah, journal. I scribbled in my journal to let all of my emotions out. Suppressing feelings can backfire so don’t try to act tough during trying times!

3. Take a trip or staycation. Traveling is a great way to freshen up your view of the world and your life. I hightailed my way to Cali and rest assure I came back refreshed and new. Don’t have time or money for a vacay? Stay local and save on both. Back up your bags and try a nice hidden jem in your city.


4. Go old school. The best way to get a smile on your face is to go back to childhood activities. I revived old memories by playing Nintendo and vegged out to some good old Ninja Turtles. What did you like doing as a kid?

5. Meditate. This is a surefire way to get your mind right.

6. Sing to your hearts content. I got my hairbrush and imagined I was a contestant on X-Factor. In my mind, I sang like an angel.

I don’t sing because I am happy; I am happy because I sing. – William James

7. Take a walk. Cliché, I know BUT studies have shown that taking a walk helps reduce anxiety and decreases depression. When you take a walk you need to look as far into the distance as your eye can see, and this my friend, is what makes all the magic happen. I did a lot of walking with my puppy.

8. Uplift someone else. If you are going to take me up on anything on this list, let it be this. When you do a random act of kindness for someone, there is absolutely no better feeling. So go pack a lunch for a home-free or homeless person or open doors for little old ladies. If rescuing cats from trees is more of your thing then go with it.

9. Go on an adventure. Turn off your cell and grab a friend and visit places that you normally don’t. You will be surprised on where you end up.

10. Pull a friendly prank. Remember the word FRIENDLY.

11. Look up words on Urban Dictionary. You got me, I snuck this one in here but only because its one of my most favorite things to do for a quick laugh.

12. Count your blessings. Scientifically proven to help you stop feeling like sh*t. Works like a charm every time.

13. List ways on how your current situation can be an empowering one. After I did this, I felt that this dreadful time could be an essential part of my growth and all part of a larger plan.

14. Learn how to make something new. I now am an expert in making homemade lotion, soap, and leave-in conditioner.

15. Love. Love everything and everyone. Love is just one of those cure-all things.

16. Fake it. Go ahead, fake a good mood. It is almost guaranteed that your pretend laugh will turn into a real one.

17. Jam out. Listen to your favorite song and feel free to put it on repeat if need be.

18. Join a group. Research shows that the simple act of literally joining a group makes you feel happy. As a bonus, join a group of people that share your interest and actually meet up with them.

19. Give yourself a makeover. Who doesn’t love a makeover? I am a huge believer that if you look good you feel good. I headed over to my nearest MAC counter and had the make artist work her magic on my face.

20. Chit chat. Sometimes all you need to do is vent. So go ahead and let it out call or meet with the bff to ventilate.

21. Take a warm shower or bath. Typically when we are upset in any way, our muscles tense up so taking a warm shower or bath relaxes contracted muscles, therefore, releasing extra tension. Add some lavender oil or Epsom Salt for extra relaxation.

22. Pray. Whether you believe in the man upstairs or not you can pray. Put in your request or share appreciation with the Universe, God, the Divine, your higher Self, or whoever it is you believe in.

23. Exercise… and let the melatonin in your brain do the rest!

Hope this helps.





by Sol Ballard


  • Jade

    Reply Reply April 23, 2014

    I love this post! Just what I needed! My favorite thing is having tea and listening to podcasts or songs that I love or that inspire me.

  • solballard

    Reply Reply April 23, 2014

    Oooooh tea is a gooood one! One of my favorite things to do to un-wind. 🙂

  • quetoqua

    Reply Reply April 24, 2014

    I need of more #3! Got plenty of #4 and #15; should always remind myself of #12.
    Definitely looking forward to #10!
    Thank you so much for sharing, Sol!

  • Tedra

    Reply Reply May 1, 2014

    My favorite lately: When you’re feeling helpless, be of help to someone else. 🙂

    • solballard

      Reply Reply May 2, 2014

      Yes, love that one too.

      “If you want to be uplifted, uplift someone else.”

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